7 Days of Discovery – Day 6: Walk on the Water

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

April 14, 2021

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series 7 DAYS OF DISCOVERY

Hello GTH Readers!  We hope your life has been changed by these Days of Discovery!  If you missed a day, just head to Guarding the Heart to catch up. Yesterday, we looked at the angelic realm, one key way that God communicates and assist His Children.  Today, we look at resolving the tug a war between the soul and spirit, one tussle that remains certain while we walk this earth.  Lean in close to this life-giving word by  Prophet Shyju Mathew,  our anointed Man of God who leads Revive Nations Ministry alongside our beloved  Prophetess Tiny Mathew.  May our lives be changed as we grab hold of this powerful teaching and discover the power of senses to unlock our spirit and align our soul!

Many times, when somebody says, “I perceive”, or “I feel this in the spirit”, or “I hear this in the spirit” people are not lying. But whatever people are receiving, this is being filtered through the soul. For most people in the Church, it is the soul leading. It takes great understanding to move from a place where the soul realm is completely gone and now, the spirit inside is taken over.

This grace, GTH Reader, is yours to take hold of, as you intentionally grow in the truth of this series.

For a believer, conflict in our walk with God happens when our spirit has information but our soul is still dominating.

Take Peter’s famous leap, his famous Walk on the Water. Peter, seeing Jesus, exercised his faith. Peter’s soul, feeling the wind and the soreness of his arms straining with the oars, must have been very relieved to see Jesus in their long battle against the storm.

Matthew 14: 28, says, Peter answered him, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.”

So then, Peter hears the words of the Lord Jesus, “Come! Walk on the water”.

Now Peter heard the word of the Lord by his spirit. As soon as he hears the command, Peter is stepping out onto the water.

Conflict arises when his soul, seeing the waves, feeling the wind, thinking about the depth of the lake, starts to sink.

And there he goes, sinking right in front of Jesus!

Friend, when you soul overwhelms your spirit, even in the presence of Jesus, you can sink.

Just a few moments earlier, Jesus stood praying on the mountaintop, walked down, ignored the fact that there was no boat, and walked straight out to his disciples on the water. There was no point of “in the mighty name of Jesus now I’m going to walk on the water”! There was no fluctuation between the soul realm and the spirit realm. Our Lord Jesus functioned in His capacity as a spirit without a second thought; He walked and started crossing the waters, as if it was land.

This could only happen, because Jesus functioned in his full capacity as a spirit.

As a child of God, we need to ask the question, how much have we functioned in the full capacity as spirit beings on earth?

Let us pay much attention to our spirit, and let us pay much attention to that soul realm which is trying to overpower the spirit realm. Every day, every minute of this week, the Lord will give us many opportunities to overcome that part of our soul.

May the Lord give you grace to govern your soul, so that you may function in greater governance of your spirit and may we, the Church “do even greater”, as our Lord has commanded!

To encounter this powerful message by Prophet Shyju, head to Revive Nations Youtube channel or click here.

Be Blessed!

Watch the video here.

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