An Overflowing Account

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

November 26, 2019

Here is a startling question: What is in your bank account?

In Luke 7:1-10, Jesus entered Capernaum. There was a centurion whose servant was sick, whom the Roman greatly valued. This man beseeched the elders of Jews to speak to Jesus on behalf of himself and his servant.

Despite the cruel Roman occupation and oppression of Jews at the time, the elders begged Jesus to come and heal, not the centurion, nor his wife or child, but the centurion’s servant. Why would they ask for such an incredible favour?

As they pleaded with Jesus to help, they explained, “For he loveth our nation, and he hath built us a synagogue!” Luke 7:5 KJV.

Though the man did not share the same belief system as the Jews, he had insight, and seeing the Jews and their relationship with God, he took his money and built a synagogue for the Jews to worship.

Despite his mission to Israel, Jesus did not reject the Jews’ request and journeyed in mercy toward the man who had built an altar to God through his sacrifice.

People of God who love the Body of Christ: everything you do for the Lord is deposited in your spiritual account before God in Heaven.

The Centurion reaped far more than just the blessing of his servant’s good health. To learn more, head to this video.

There will be a time when you may need God’s grace, mercy or favour. What will be in your spiritual account?

When the Book of Remembrance is taken up, and your name will be found in that book, may mercy will be found for you, like it was on that day for this Centurion and his servant, for the Lord sees your sacrifice!

Look at Acts 9:36-40. Here, a woman named Dorcas, was raised from the dead. This woman was such a blessing to the people, the new church urgently begged Peter to resurrect her, pleading, “Come without delay!”

Imagine being such a great blessing that others would disturb Jesus, saying, “Please, help this man! In his lifetime he spent his energy on our synagogue; now it is time for his need, so you must come.”

Imagine being so invaluable, that the whole faith community rises up, to beg for your quick recovery! May you be such a blessing to the Body of Christ that you cannot stay dead!

There are some things you can do, in the house of God, the kingdom of God, in the Name of the Lord, that will be counted long after you’re gone, a sure deposit to knock on Heaven’s doors to say, “It is not their time to die!”

When you take care of the family of God, God takes care of your family!

For this reason, to steal the grace of your blessing, the enemy tries hard to disconnect you from the Body, to make you disloyal, for the accuser hates unity. He will try strong to divide your heart and make you disjointed, for a disjointed body reaps only pain.

One of his tactics is to convince you the church is just an organization. In this culture where gadgets are taking over human beings, we are moving further and further away from being united, from recognizing the virtue, the power and grace of the living Church. Divisions are bitterly common.

Jesus promised, “Blessed are the peace makers.” (Math. 5:9) Beloved, when you wrestle to bring peace between two people, a blessing of peace will come upon your life.

Certain blessing will come to you and your children when you treat the church not as an organization, but as your family, the body of Christ!

Unity is a sure place of blessing!

If you study the robe of Aaron the high priest, you will notice his garment, like our Lord’s, was woven into one seamless garment from top to bottom. When the oil was poured on Aaron’s head, the Bible says the oil overflowed all the way to the bottom of his robe (Ps. 133:2). As one united body, the grace that comes to the head is the grace that comes to even the toes. The grace released to the preacher is the same grace released to the parking attendant serving outside on a Sunday morning, because in alignment, we are blessed as one seamless garment!

The enemy works tirelessly in thousands of churches, with countless divisions and fights, turning believers into weapons to tear apart this seamless garment, because the only way he can stop us is by dividing us.

Resist him! Choose to invest in your eternity instead!

I bless you in the Name of the Lord, that the grace of the Lord will not stop with you, but will flow to your generations!

Just as Abraham’s tithes released blessings all the way to the Levites, may the children of your children continue to reap the blessing of God’s love that you pour out on the Body of Christ, in Jesus Name!

May your love account in Heaven overflow to your children’s children for a thousand generations! Be blessed!

Watch the video here.