Overcoming the Daily Challenge of Renewing Your Mind

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

March 28, 2013

One of the things in which humans are uniquely different from animals is their mind that empowers them to reason, evaluate, ponder, contemplate and decide. God made it that way and gave man even the ability to choose God Himself.

renew your mind

The trouble began with sin corrupting the mind and the devil invading it trying to adulterate it with the rubbish of this world. Therefore the scripture repeatedly encourages us to constantly renew our mind and continue to think about the things above.

But that’s what our challenge is today. We are explicitly surrounded with the substandard, immoral, common, unholy and the carnal ways of our culture more than being surrounded with the godly, moral, holy and the divine ways of God.

The chances are that being human, we get battered by the evil that surrounds us. There seems to be lesser resources around us, that help us to stand up to the onslaught of the enemy. Life is getting busier and chances for fellowship, love and prayer is getting buried.

At this point in our generation and culture, we need to rise up in consciousness. The decision is ours whether we choose to give in or whether we choose to hold on to the Word of God and live the life that God has destined us for.

Looking at the garbage thrown at us we need to know and confess the following:

1. That is not who I am.

2. This is not what I’m called for.

3. There are greater things that needs to be accomplished with and through my surrender.

4. I am the child of the King of Kings. I represent Him!

5. I am more than conqueror through Christ Jesus!

And reverse what the enemy is doing today by taking the following actions:

1. Choose to pursue God more than you pursue anything else, from people to gadgets or any other entertainment that the world presents to you today. You have to start by stating your priorities very clearly. If you really mean that God is your top priority, then you must start by giving Him more time, money and energy than anyone or anything else. [ClickToTweet]

2. Be consumed and be full of the Holy Spirit, flushing out everything else that is not of God. Start by loving God’s Word. To love God’s Word is to carry it with you, meditate, pray, weep and read it while simultaneously following it. [ClickToTweet]

3. Encourage and pursue Godly fellowship. The enemy loves to isolate and kill a believer. Enjoy every possible Bible class or prayer fellowship you can attend. They may not be in your level of spiritual maturity but enjoy it because there is a blessing that comes in fellowship and by loving your fellow brother in the spirit of Christ. Use that opportunity to be the fire and encouragement in the fellowship.

Yes, there is a reward in heaven for the faithful but regardless of that, our greater motivation should be: “I am in love with Jesus and Jesus is in love with me and that settles it.” The best motivation is that Jesus Himself is our reward! The renewal of our mind helps us to live out who we really are in God.

Would you take a minute right now to pray and submit yourself one more time to live and to do according to His will.

You can be sure that Jesus will be pleased and give you the grace required to live this life as more than a conqueror.