3 Keys to make diligence work for you this year

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

January 30, 2020

Have you ever longed, like Enoch and Adam, to walk with God?

The facets of God are endless! Just when you think you have discovered Him, God will show you something more that will blow your mind!

To grow with God, start desperate.
When we are hungry, God will work.
When we are passive, the precious things of God will never come.

Think about this:

Jesus had 12 disciples.
How many went up the mountain?
Only 3 saw Jesus transfigured.
What were the other 9 doing?

Of the 12 disciples, how many laid their heads on His shoulder?
Only 1.

How many people saw Jesus go up?
Over 500.

How many people were in the upper room?
What happened to the other 380??

Do you desire to be one of those who remain?

Jesus declared, “Zeal for Your House will consume Me” (John 2:17).

The desire to walk with God should consume you.

Eagerly desire the presence of God!

Sadly, many give up too soon in their pursuit of Almighty God.

When God wants to give you something extremely precious, He cannot easily give it to you. He has to test you. He will hold back to see how committed you are, how passionate you are, and give accordingly.

Don’t give up before His treasure is released!

In the testing period, God waits to see your consistency. The Bible says, “God is a rewarder for those who diligently seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6).

Many people give up too fast, too easily and miss the treasure of finding Him.

To maintain the pursuit, remain consistent in your zeal for God, that you may walk with the Almighty One.

Here are 3 powerful principles:

1. Diligence requires intelligence

Imagine somebody going every day exactly at 4 o’clock to the bus stop, waiting for the prime minister to arrive. That action may be diligent but is not intelligent! What Prime Minister takes a city bus? One would be better off to work hard and gain a position serving the parliamentary team, than waste their time and energy being consistent yet not wise. Study the Word and find keys for your pursuit of God. Then, when you find a key, hold onto it with all your life.

2. Diligence requires discipline

If you can show me what you are willing to let go off, I will tell you how much you’re going to receive from God. Show me how many friends you’re ready to let go, how much you’re ready to sacrifice, how much you’re ready to invest, and I will tell you how far you will go. Check your heart to ascertain your destiny!

3. Diligence requires humility

God is a rewarder of those who diligently pursue Him with humility. Any diligence without humility is not acknowledged by heaven.

To see more, watch this exciting video on this subject.

God is not afraid because you’re upset or disappointed, so spare Him the tantrums and your humility will be rewarded.

God deserves our highest praise, our offerings, our sold out lives. If you come to the presence of God and withhold from Him, your actions are opposite of humility. Do not allow your emotions to control your relationship with God. Our God deserves our everything!

When we remain diligent in pursuit after God, He will begin to use us in a way we had never been used before.

Study yourself and ask, what is the level of my diligence?

Measure your diligence by what are you willing to let go.

Test your consistency.

Diligence to pursue God in humility will propel you into your destiny.

May you accelerate your destiny! Zeal for God must consume you like Enoch, like our Lord Jesus, and may you walk humbly before the Father, all of your days!

Watch the video here.