Rooted (Part 1): God Remembers the Roots

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

April 26, 2021

This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Rooted

Friend, if you have been following the Revive Nations channel on Youtube, you may know this year is all about being ROOTED! Like me, you might be wondering, what does this all mean for my life and my household? To answer this great question, we invite you to revisit this year’s Crossover Service, as Prophet Shyju announced this year’s Word of the Lord (watch the video here).

What an awesome testimony, how Prophet Shyju had this amazing encounter with God, and from that deep location, a powerful theme of growth, being ROOTED, has been released to the Body of Christ! GTH Readers, we will be digging deeper into being ROOTED, that we may each grow STRONGER, DEEPER and GREATER, so please, enjoy and share this exciting series with a friend, as we begin this journey together with Part One: God Remembers the Roots.

In Christian circles, Jesse is quite a popular name for boys and girls alike. Yet Jesse was not a famous prophet or pastor. He didn’t win battles that we know of, nor conquer nations. Jesse was only known for one thing: he was the father of David.

God’s perspective about Jesse is critical to understanding roots

Here shall come forth a shoot from the stem of Jesse, and a branch out of his roots shall bear fruit. (Isaiah 11:1)

Wait a minute – Isn’t King David the one we all know, a mighty king who slayed lions and defeated the Philistines and passionately worshipped before the Lord?

Yet God remembered Jesse.

God remembers the roots!

As humans, we often measure life by what is seen. We weigh success by that new car, or house, or baby, perhaps that new job or ministry, all outward fruits. Yet our roots, that which anchors us, nurtures our lives, produces more, is generally not seen or discussed, and buried deep, even to us, they remain unknown. You probably could agree that in church, fruits are seen and celebrated, while roots are generally not noticed.

Not this year! In 2021, God is teaching us how to strengthen our roots, so that decades from now, God will remember our roots and our choices, before our children and generations to come.

Strong roots are critical for ongoing growth.

Just consider the science of a tree: if you see a majestic tree, any arborist will tell you, that the health of that tree is entirely dependent on how deep its roots have grown. All the fruity leafy goodness that you see above ground is a manifestation of the vitality of the roots found below the surface. The hidden growth of the roots is essential for healthy fruit to be realized.

Though everybody celebrates King David, his great praise and worship, the beautiful psalms he wrote, the fact is, David was a seed from Jesse. Without a Jesse, there would be no King David. And God remembered Jesse. He promised through Isaiah, that from this stump of Jesse, a shoot would come forth, then a branch, and finally even, fruit.

Now imagine a tree stump with no growth, sitting alone in a forest. Years, then decades go by, and it looks like nothing will ever come out of it. Yet God said, “Here shall come forth a shoot from the stem of Jesse, and a branch out of his roots shall bear fruit.”

Centuries after Jesse and David has passed, a Tender Shoot arrived, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, as God’s promise was fulfilled, through a humble rooted family, in Bethelem, in the city of David.

Today, you and I, grafted into the Vine of Christ, continue to bear fruit through Christ, the Word, as promised by God thousands of years ago!

Dear friend, let’s grow deeper in the things of God, to grow stronger in the fear of God, to grow greater in character as we focus on our roots and become the Bride that God will boast about! May our hidden life manifest even greater fruit, in the power of this Word, ROOTED, to affect countless generations ahead of us, for we know, God remembers the roots!

To hear the entire sermon by Prophet Shyju, Founder of Revive Nations, in various languages, just click on these links: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Telugu.

May you be greatly blessed as you publish the Good news when you share and invite a friend to this series, that they may also be enriched by this powerful Word for 2021!

Watch the video here.

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