Spiritual Navigation: Follow the Voice!

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

February 10, 2020

Have you ever followed your GPS, only to end up in a farmer’s field? Or late for work? Or madder than a hatter?

Usually, when this happens, we upgrade our tools, reach for a better app, like Waze or Google Maps, or ask a friend for better directions.

How about Abraham? He lived way before cell phones, paper maps or even road signs! Last week, we heard about Abraham, how he journeyed through his entire life, listening to God’s Voice. We saw how God led Abraham and his children throughout his lifetime.

Abraham, moved both his family and his household, hundreds and hundreds of miles, after hearing the Voice of God.

God would say to Abraham, “Go to this place…Now go to Haran…Now move to Bethel…Go to Egypt…Now go to the land of the Philistines.”

Can you imagine his life? Abraham was not the only one who was moving. Every place he went, he was not settling down, and his family, too, were moving with him! They didn’t have security, always moving, because, Abraham led as God showed a vision, or spoke a word.

Those watching Abraham must have called him crazy! Perhaps they even mocked him, as he journeyed from Bethel to Egypt to Judah and then back again to Bethel, always moving, rarely settling.

When Abraham met Abimelech, God called Abraham a prophet, though he had never prophesied. A prophet is somebody who is able to hear and understand the voice of God, and able to navigate his life accordingly.

Abraham was a prophet because he was hearing God. There were a group of people who were following Abraham as Abraham followed by faith, hundreds of families including his own.

Abraham heard God’s heart. If God said, “Go left”, he went left. If the Lord said, “Go right” Abraham went right. If the Voice said, “Go straight”, he went straight. He navigated himself according to the Voice of God and hundreds of people followed his direction.

Abraham didn’t need to turn around to his family and say, “Children of God, thus says the Lord”. When he followed his path in the ways of the Lord, knowing the heartbeat of God, the people trusted. Abraham became a prophet to those who followed him.

When God told Abimelech, this man is a prophet, He also said, don’t mess with him. When you begin to hear God’s voice, to move when God moves, your enemies will become God’s enemies. Your problems will become God’s problems!

When you are hearing God’s voice and obeying Him, if there is a viper that comes to you to sneak attack you, and you are standing there because God told you to stand, that poison is not going to touch you, in fact, that viper that bit you will be the one you’ll have to bury!

The more you are governed by the voice of God, the more God will consider you as a prophet. Wherever you are, you can be a son and a daughter that has learned the art of hearing God’s voice.

God wants to shift us to the next level, to shift our understanding, the way we think, the way we hear, the way we function!

If you want to be like Abraham , who followed the Voice, be prepared for the cost. People will mock. Problems will still come.

Abraham followed by faith! Whether there were blessings or not, he followed. Whether there was war or not, he followed! Whether his family understood or not, he followed! Abraham was so consistent that God said, the man doesn’t know it , but for your information, he is a prophet!

Beloved friends, it doesn’t matter what people call you. What matters is what God knows you as.

Jesus identified His own, as those who hear Him, saying, “My sheep hear My voice.” (John 10:27)

God is looking to upgrade a certain group of people. There are levels and dimensions that God is calling, to a group of people in our generation, to the next level. The next level you’re going to will be completely depend on how attentive you are to the information God is putting into your spirit, as you listen and obey His Voice.

To hear more of this powerful Word, head to this video! May God bless you as you follow HIs Voice and NAVIGATE your LIFE!

Watch the video here.