COVID19: A Jesus Loving Kids’ Response

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May 18, 2020

Revive Kids

COVID19: A Jesus Loving Kids’ Response

by | May 18, 2020 | RN Kids

Hey Kids, you know, this crazy season of COVID19 has made the world shut its doors, close its parks and turned every classroom to an online experience!

Maybe you have missed your friends, or swinging at the park.

Sadly, some of you may have lost a grandparent, or an aunt or uncle to this virus. That is very tough to understand.

Perhaps your mom or dad have to work in hospitals and you worry about them. Maybe your dad or mom were laid off and food is a little less now.

When things beyond our control happen, it makes everyone anxious. Right now, even the adults are struggling to know what to do in this hard time.

So what can you do?


God is your Best friend, your loving Father, your Champion. Our God is greater than Thor, Superman, Iron Man and Wonder Woman all together! Our God is mighty and powerful and He loves time with you! So find a quiet place, maybe your room, or a closet, or even a bathroom if you have tons of siblings, and find His heart for you!

When we draw close to God, He always draws close to us! (James 4:8)

Make time for God every day. One hour with God can change your whole life! Besides, what else do you have to do? Watch Netflix? Play on your computer?

Spend time with the God who creates every colourful sunrise, made every type of animal in the whole world, the God who breathed the stars into being, Who created you! and you will find a Treasure no one can ever take from you.

Second: PRAY for PEOPLE.

If you have asked Jesus to be your Lord, then Holy Spirit lives in you. Holy Spirit is Master Expert Level at prayer. Ask Holy Spirit to lead you to pray for people. Sometimes, you will pray for your Mom or Dad or brother or sister. Sometimes Holy Spirit will nudge you to pray for the doctors and nurses working so hard to help people in the hospitals right now. Sometimes, you might see a country’s name, or feel a strong desire to pray for a nation. Go for it!

When you stand in your right relationship with God, you know, how Jesus lived holy, sinless, never messed up, always clung to God His Father, and then died for the whole world ‘s sin and THEN, came back to LIFE to show us that DEATH has nothing on Him, and through Him, we live FOREVER, well, when you come to God with that understanding, then you are powerful indeed to lift up ANY request to God and BE HEARD!

Remember how that boy just trusted Jesus with everything, including his lunch, so thousands of people were fed and could keep hearing Jesus (John 6:9)? Well, that boy could be you! (Unless you are a girl. 😊Jesus loves everyone, you get it!). If you take your life and give it to God, and live for Jesus, your prayers WILL change our world!

Third: LOVE God and LOVE People.

This last one is so cool! Did you know, when you love people, you are showing your love for God in realtime? We can’t run up to Heaven to give God a hug, but we can help clean up our homes and hug our Mom. We can’t give Jesus a card and mail it in the Post, but we can write to that auntie who is shut up inside and bring great comfort to her. Everything you do in LOVE, shows off that you are God’s Kid and makes Jesus SMILE!

In this tough season, don’t be sad, be POWERFUL! Talk to God, Pray for others, and LOVE on PEOPLE and just watch how this season TRANSFORMS you into a superhero, a real Christian who lives, loves and enjoys LIFE in GOD.

Next month, we will talk about God’s Kingdom. Send us your questions, comments or ideas, and head to our RN Kids Facebook Page. We will try to answer every one!

Now, GO BE A BLESSING to your family and a blessing to the world as you follow Christ!

Take good care! See you soon!

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