God’s Blueprint: Understanding His Design for Your Life

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

December 29, 2020

Beloved, God has a Blueprint for your life!

When a baby is born, that sweet baby is born with a spirit and a soul, housed in a body that develops over time.

Now your spirit is passive, in sleep mode until Christ comes and wakes up your spirit through salvation. Once awake, your spirit grows daily in communion with the Spirit of God.

Another beautiful part of you is your soul. Your soul is formed in Heaven and released into your mother’s womb when you, the child is first formed.

Your soul was created by God, with your own DNA of personality already imprinted, yet devoid of information, a clean slate.

So how does your soul develop? 

It starts receiving information through its five senses, even before birth, like a memory chip where data is added throughout your life, the place the enemy seeks to hijack every believer, the realm of the soul.

Why is this critical to understand?

When your spirit is awakened by salvation, it is once and for all, born again. Yet your soul is not born again, once, like your spirit. 

Your soul must be renewed, born again daily by the Word of God!

Unrenewed, your soul will grow stronger than your spirit, and while you are made to thrive in your life in God, your soul can so shortchange your destiny and distort your trajectory, that you may never become whom God has created.

Knowing this, every believer must carefully guard these
 3 Essential Keys to grow up in God:

1. Maintain Equilibrium in Life.
Keep Sight of your Destiny in God
 Never Lose Your Hope in Christ.

If you guard these three areas, your soul, spirit and body will remain at peace, always growing closer to God.

Equilibrium will be discussed in the upcoming blog series, so we invite you to share with your friends, that none would be miss this powerful Word for this season.

Remember, this is a journey! May we cling to the Spirit and grow in understanding as we are led deeper into life in God!

To hear more inspiration on this topic by our Prophet Shyju Mathew, please watch this video:

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