7 Days of Discovery – Day 7: Decoding the Revivalists

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

April 16, 2021

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Hello GTH Readers! What did Daniel, Evan Roberts and the EndTime Church all have in common? What does that have to do with a believer’s spirit and the soul? Buckle up, and enjoy this last segment of our 7 Days of Discovery on the Senses of the Soul and Spirit by Revive Nations Founder Prophet Shyju Matthew. Share this with a friend, and may you enlist as part of the army of Revivalists who will take the nations in this End Time season!

Friend, when you see a Revivalist on bended knees, you may see their tears and wonder did their emotions move God?

Look again. Is it the tears, or the persistent pursuit which moved God? Then consider, was it just one day of tears, when the Lord manifested and Revival broke out? In the case of Even Roberts, of the famous Welsh revival, it was a decade of prayer, month after month, from early in the morning, with Evan Roberts crying out to the Lord that heralded the Move of God.

Look at Daniel. Daniel, the day he went to the Lord, that very day, his answer was sent (see Daniel 10). On Day 1, his answer was sent (though the angel warred 21 days before the message was reached). So you have to now start evaluating, why did somebody’s weeping and crying takes six months, and another man simply bows his knees, and already, Heaven has already sent the answer?

Friend, we all have access to Heaven but not all able to move Heaven in the same capacity. As we learn to respect those who are able to move Heaven, we will learn keys to do the same.

So what does it take to move Heaven and bring revival?

A cry born out of ambition, ” I want to see revival, I want to see miracles, I want to fill stadiums” – that cry is not answered. If you’re crying for revival, but your desire is to become the most famous church of all, that cry will not get a response. Some people have prayed the same for decades, with no answer! Why, friend? Because there are things within you that have to melt away, must fall away from your soul realm and God will wait until every part of your soul realm is surrendered before an answer is given.

Dear Saint, revivalists are simply people who have persisted in humility until Heaven opened.

From that place of peace, you find equilibrium. When you come to a place of perfect rest, led by your spirit, your soul is surrendered whole unto God.

Revivalist Evan Roberts came to such a place of rest, he could sense when the people were fine-tuned to the Spirit. He would come in, look at the people and already see that they were ready to receive God. Then, without ambition, with no agenda other than Heaven, Roberts would say, “You don’t need me” and walk out. And the moment he walked out, the Glory of God would fall during the meeting! There would be services for days after he left! Evan Roberts had learned to identify when a group was completely surrendered because he knew this reality, in his own pursuit of Heaven.

The world is waiting for a Church to arise as such as these.

Are you willing to pursue the Lord, past your soul, and surrender for HIs Glory?

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