A Holy Spirit Tsunami Arriving!

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

March 12, 2011

As you might already know, Tsunamis are large, powerful waves caused by the displacement of a large volume of a body of water, under the ocean. They are usually caused by earthquakes, volcanoes or landslides. They can also be caused by man through incidents like detonation of nuclear devices under water, or by exterior impact of an asteroid or the likes.

While this is destructive in the natural, can you imagine how much of an impact a wave of the Holy Spirit in this magnitude have over our cities and nation? The very nature of the Holy Spirit will create and construct, changing lives for eternity. But, what do we do to be hit by such a wave?

Key #1 Brokenness

It must begin at the bottom! Just as the earth’s crust breaks in, so must our hearts be rendered before the throne room of God. Brokenness in prayer has preceded every revival in history. How desperate are we for a Holy Spirit Tsunami in our land?

Key #2 Changing Plates

It must begin with the tectonic plates of our heart. Doing the same thing over and over again brings the same old results. Are you willing to do the different to see the different? Are you willing to pursue God for the different? Are you ready to let God blow your traditional mind set? This spiritual tsunami is for every heart that is willing be different, because every revival has shaken every traditional setting.

Key #3 Withdraw

Usually the water will recede dramatically just before a tsunami strikes. In the natural, if you see the sea suddenly pull back, going further out than a normal low tide, it’s a big sign of a soon coming Tsunami! Sadly, our churches are so busy with so many programs and strategies that we forget to take time to withdraw in God. It is out of that intimacy that we will be hit by the wave of the Holy Spirit.

Key #4 Sustain

Did you know that underwater dislocations are common, except that there are comparatively only a few that have the potential to become a mighty tsunami. Only if an underwater earthquake is large enough will the ocean floor make significant movement for the water above the sea floor to create mighty large waves.So it is in the Spirit realm.  Don’t be satisfied with a small wave. Don’t be content with a testimony or a single move of God in your church. Withdraw till the Holy Spirit’s wave hits your whole city and nation! Let prayer warriors and the friends of God, get to work! Continue to be persistent till your city is covered by the Holy Spirit’s wave. Do you hear the call?

God’s looking for an individual who will answer the call! The deeper you go in God, the greater will the revival be. Who will pay the price? Could that be the reason why God lets you read this article? Still your heart to hear the rumbling in your Spirit, He is calling you unto Himself!

It is high time for a exceedingly empowering, strongholds breaking, darkness penetrating, Holy Spirit Tsunami to hit our lands.  And God is looking for those who will persist into the depths of prayer.The world is yet to see the greatest Holy Spirit’s Revival Tsunami! And let it be through us! Let’s get to work my friends!

How are you preparing for a Holy Spirit Tsunami? Do you think the Church is prepared yet for the next wave of  revival? Let me know by commenting below.

P.S – Please take some time to pray for Japan and all those affected.

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