Worship, Jesus and Drums: A Young Boy’s Journey to Joy

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August 22, 2020

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Worship, Jesus and Drums: A Young Boy’s Journey to Joy

by | Aug 22, 2020 | RN Kids

Hey RN Moms and Dads and Kids, did you know when you love God, He grows gifts inside of you? That is His Speciality!  (1 Cor. 3:6 )

Today, we have a wonderful story about growing up in Jesus coming all the way from Montreal, Canada:

When Louis-Thomas was born, his mom, Diana Melissa, had a very tough delivery. Thankfully, both Mama and baby were able to recover. Yet, as Louis-Thomas grew, his family noticed he wasn’t developing like other children. He would cry for a long time, and couldn’t express himself well with his words. Diana-Melissa tried everything to help Louis-Thomas calm down but very little helped. It was very exhausting for his mom and dad and baby sister.  It was a sad time for this young family.

As you can imagine, life was pretty tough for this family. Though Diana Melissa attended a local church, she often wondered about the Holy Spirit. She wanted to experience God’s Presence in her life, so she cried out in prayer, “Please Lord, teach me more about your Holy Spirit. I want to experience Holy Spirit in my life.”

The Lord answered her prayer in a special way! Diana-Melissa worked in a hospital as a medical technician and within a few weeks, two different ladies, one a patient and the other, a co-worker, told her about Prophet Shyju Mathew and told her to visit Emmanuel Church.

When they attended Emmanuel, Diana Melissa and Louis Thomas and his little sister had an incredible experience. For the first time, Diana Melissa felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit! The  children loved the worship music and didn’t want to leave church that day. Since the family of three couldn’t wait to go back, Diana Melissa quickly chose Emmanuel as her new home church.

One Sunday, Dianna Melissa heard a powerful teaching on worship. As she sang worship songs with new passion at home, she noticed her children were singing right along with her! Worship became the new constant in her home. The children often belted out songs “Raise a Hallelujah” and “Our God is an Awesome God” with their joyful Mama.  As they worshipped King Jesus, the whole family’s life was made new. Joy was filling their home.

Louis-Thomas loved the worship music the most. He would listen to his favourites worship songs again and again. You see, Louis Thomas loved playing drums and even had his own set at home. (They helped him calm down when he was upset). Once he heard a beat, this passionate little six year old could re-create it on his drums. As Louis-Thomas played, his little sister, Melodie would dance and sing. The whole family loved how the Presence of God came when they worshipped.

Louis Thomas’s favourite songs was “Nara Nara”. As he played the drums, he would sing along at full blast, “What shall I render to Jehovah? For He has done so much for me.” Music filled their home with newfound joy.

At school, Louis-Thomas proudly shared his excitement about God and his church with his classmates. His teacher was pleased to see the usually quiet and withdrawn Louis-Thomas full of passion for church and even told a Bible story to the students to support his desire for God.

Now Louis-Thomas’ school was closed due to COVID, so the teacher organized an online talent contest for her class. Louis-Thomas knew instantly what he would do. He told his mom that he would  bring “Nara Nara” to his friends! He practiced every day on the drums until the big day arrived.

As Louis-Thomas played “Nara Nara” online, his friends and teachers were amazed! Confident and happy, Louis-Thomas played the drums with enthusiasm. It was not difficult to choose the winner of this competition: Louis-Thomas won the talent contest!

Here is Louis-Thomas playing Nara unto the Lord:

The Bible says “Let everything that has breath, Praise the Lord!” (Ps 150:6). RN Kids, as you worship God, may your life be changed! Like Louis-Thomas, just WORSHIP GOD and watch what happens!

We hope you enjoyed this true story about how worship changed one family’s life! If you know someone with a true story how God has helped them, write us on the our Facebook page or on Instagram!

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