Kathryn S. Mathew is here! My God is Incredible!

Kathryn Mathew

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

March 3, 2012

Shyju Tiny girl baby

She is here!!! Tiny is doing strong and fine!

Thank you all so much for your invaluable prayers.

Will update more soon!




Kathryn Mathew born on  3/3/12

Update 3:

Tiny woke up this morning saying she saw a time 4pm. The date set by the doctor was for the 12th. However she was admitted today to the hospital at 4pm. The Lord released much grace on Tiny and the baby was out faster than expected!

Interestingly just yesterday Tiny wrote about embracing destiny and here we are embracing a new life along with Kathryn Mathew. Anyways I’ll stop my ramblings, here are few pics.

Shyju and Tiny baby kathryn mathew

Where am I? 🙂

Shyju and Tiny baby kathryn mathew

Sleeping Princess

Thank you so much again for praying. Will post more pics as time go by. Love.



Finally Kathryn opens her eyes to her relentless dad. 🙂 Whom does she look like?

Update: 4
Kathryn all active today! Exciting journey.

Update: 5
Finally Kathryn is home! Cozy on her bed.


Kathryn Mathew

Dad and daughter bonding!

For more pics, go here and see Kathryn on Twitter.

For some friends who asked, here’s a short video I managed to get of Kathryn:)

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