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Shyju Mathew

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September 10, 2012

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Life can sometimes treat you like a dead fish still being thrashed against a stone. You can’t be more dead and trouble comes crashing into you with brutal force.

Do you know how that feels?

Done all you can and still feel helpless?


This is my favourite one. Jesus miraculously feeds five thousand people. The disciples were so full that they couldn’t have another piece of fish. All were full and satisfied, the scripture says.

Rejoicing in their fullness, the disciples just get ready to leave. And the Master has another command – pick up the fragments of bread, He said.

Excuse me? We are all full. So full that all we need now is a bed to lay ourselves down.

However, the Master was more concerned about the fragments than about what was well. He made them scoop it all till they got 12 baskets full!

It gives me hope. It gives us hope.

There is no one who understands you better than the Man on the cross whose life was poured out like water, all HIS bones were out of joints and His heart melt like wax. Psalms 22:14

If your limp is getting quite obvious, ashamed at being revealed, smiles don’t mask the tears anymore and your heart seems shredded beyond repair – please know, you still have hope!

I’d like you to pause and remember, Jesus is the God of the fragmented. I mean…He is your God!

Connecting your failure to the absence of God is life crippling because there is nothing you can do to gain God’s love. [Click To Tweet]

He doesn’t have to love you more than what He did 2000 years ago on the cross.

Remember, no matter who says what, despite your circumstances, He is the closest to you now.

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