What is Anointing? The Pursuit of Anointing Part – 1/3

Shyju Mathew

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May 23, 2012

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Anointing

A number of books have been written and countless messages have been preached on the subject of ‘Anointing’.

But what exactly is anointing?

Anointing in the Old Testament meant to be smeared by oil as a sign of being appointed for a position by God’s order.

In the New Testament smearing of oil did not accompany God’s ordinance (except while praying for the sick in James 5:14) but to be anointed meant to be empowered by God to do a particular task.

To be anointed by God means to be supernaturally endowed with divine assistance to do the appointed task. As a part of God’s anointing, the Lord has blessed the body of Christ with diverse gifts of the Holy Spirit that empower the Church to do His will on earth.

The Pursuit of Anointing

…is misguided. I am sure many may disagree with me however I hope you would hear me out.

In the book of Acts 8:9-25, when Simon the sorcerer, pursued Peter for the power of the Holy Spirit, Peter condemned him to perish with his money as his motives were wrong. Now does that mean that you could pursue the power with the right motives? Read on.

Pursue the Purpose of God

There’s one common fact about every anointed leader in the Bible, they were anointed by God to fill the need around them.

Man was not anointed for himself but anointed for the purposes of God. What every believer then needs to pursue is not the anointing but the purposes of God for which anointing follows.

It is written about the renowned revivalist Charles Finney that whenever he used to visit a town or city, the people use to sense the anointing so strongly that they would automatically repent and cry for mercy under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Not once did Finney pray for that kind of glory, instead he pursued God to give him the perishing souls.

Seek to Set the Captives Free

Instead of praying for a yoke breaking anointing, pray with much tears and burden for the captives to be set free.! When the disciples tarried in the upper room praying, the anointing pursued them to empower them for the commandment of Jesus to go into the world to make disciples of men.

If you plan to shut your door in prayer, then shut your door in pursuit of knowing God’s heart for you and in that purposes of God are shut the anointing you need to bring heaven on earth.

Every task of a believer however small or least it may look, whether to sweep the floor of the church or to greet someone at the door is in some way or the other bringing heaven to earth.

Therefore it is important to take the smallest of your tasks seriously so as to immerse one’s self at the given task in prayer for the empowering power of God. When we are faithful in the little, the Lord will make us ruler over many.

Question: What does anointing mean to you? Is that your pursuit or are you pursuing the heart of God?

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