Raising Up Your Child as a Prayer Warrior!!

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

August 4, 2012

child praying baby kid prayerBy Hannah Lovelin. K

Wouldn’t that moment be so blessed when you see your kid as one precious chosen Little warrior who keeps throwing sharp edged arrows of Holy Spirit revival fire which burns up the enemy’s tactics??! Is it that hard to train up a Child with the mind & heart for God to pray???

Focusing on God is the foundation of having the mind of Christ!! When we train up our offspring with the knowledge of God & teach them to carry the mind of God that would be the best ever blessing that we bestow over to our Children!!

Prophet Samuel while he was a kid must have had the heart to seek God because his mom Hannah was seeking God, he must have learned that, while He stayed with her just in a span of 3 yrs! (1 Samuel 1:24-27)
Research says that a Child at the age of 2-3 develop greater understanding of people who are close to them. We can be sure that Samuel had the desire to seek God because He must have seen what His mom was pursuing!!

Be a God centred parent & you will eventually see your child as a God centred child! You reap what you sow!! At times you might think your child is still feeble and not mature enough to talk & to do something for God!! The Bible says in Psalm 8:2

From the lips of Children and Infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger (NIV)

God had taken occasion to accomplish a work requiring great power – to wit, in “stilling the enemy and the avenger;” he had made those who were so feeble the instruments of accomplishing so great a work. God’s plans for your children are wider and greater than you could ever imagine! He delights in glorifying Himself & displaying His power through our children!!

I happened to see a video that inspired me to train our future generation as powerful prayer warriors who follow the Heart of God for this is the time, for the Kingdom Of God is at hand!! It’s about a 5yr old kid named Isaiah, who prayed fervently with powerful words of wisdom filled with the spirit & mind of God that flowed out of his mouth that touched thousands!

The words of this precious boy are still inspiring people all around the world by bringing in a powerful impact into their lives!! While Isaiah was interviewed he gave an amazing reply,

“My Mom tells me how to pray and God says me what to pray!”

See the video interview on CBS:

Behind Every Godly Child There Is A Godly Parent!!
Begin, to set an Example before Your Children to direct them up, in the Way That Christ wanted them To Be Used for in His Kingdom!
Your Child Is Destined to Reveal & Proclaim God’s Glory to the Ends of the Earth!!
You set an Example to be an example!!

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