Are You Deceived in a Relationship? 6 Crucial Check Points

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

June 26, 2013

Often people write to us about relationships that they are struggling with whether it is via verbal or physical abuse. Some are cheated of thousands of dollars and others just bound and being manipulated and hence unable to reach their God given destiny.


Most of these relationships (this could also be business relationships) began on a positive note. Some even claim that God led them to those relationships. Others have received confirmation through Bible verses too.

Could that be possible? How do we know if we are in a relationship that is ordained by God and not something that will end up in deception?

Here is a checklist to find out whether you are deceived in a relationship.

1. Loss of Interest in Things of God

After you entered into that relationship, you are no more passionate about studying God’s Word and praying. In fact your passion for the things of world has significantly increased.

2. High Interest in Prayer But…

It seems like your interest in “spiritual activities” has gone up. You are more than ever excited and involved in various programs at church, but it all seems revolve around pleasing those people. Please note that it does necessarily mean you are in a relationship with that person, but may be your motive is distorted and it’s only a matter of time before it falls.

3. High Interest in God’s Word But…

There seems to be a great spiritual growth in you because you are reading the Bible more after meeting this person. However you only believe parts of it and avoid the parts that convict you. Oh and you have many powerful verses that support the relationship and justify your sin. You even get a lot of verses pop out of the Bible that seems to encourage your relationship, however this does not include verses about self control, abstinence, and waiting for God’s will and time. Watch out! Chances are that you are highly deceived.

4. Isolation From Fellowship

Sudden withdrawal from people you know for long without any particular reason. Now everything revolves around that person of interest and whatever he/she says is right for you. You are banned from any other relationship that is not approved by this person.

5. Highly Irritable and Impatient

You are losing it faster than before. Anything and everything gets on your nerve. You are more angry with your other friends and family. But come this person around, you seem to be the happiest and the calmest person on the planet. However you spend a lot of time together gossiping and discussing how bad, wicked and weak everyone else is.

6. Over Emotional and Dramatic

You cry a lot. You have been complaining a lot and drowning in self pity. Now this is a level where things may be a little out of hand and its affecting you on a deeper level and you need strong help. Most importantly acknowledge that you have become overtly dependent on this relationship. And the situation can usually become more serious if the other person begins to exploit this emotional wreck that you have become. Most of them end up with physical abuse and painful break ups. (Read more about this here – soul ties.)

Now if you have any of these symptoms, you know that you may be deceived. Ask the Lord to give you wisdom to let go of this relationship. Do it gently and in love. And start today.

Here’s in conclusion, please remember the following even if you don’t remember anything else from above. “Accept that not all people are supposed to draw you to God. But disconnect from any person that pulls you away from God.” [ClickToTweet]

I’d like to know your thoughts, experience, and lessons you’ve learnt. Leave them below in the comments section.