One Word God Wants Us to Desperately Know

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

November 20, 2013

These are the words I often tell my little nineteen month old Kathryn. You’d probably hear me shout this out at least a few times in a day. They are born out of much love and concern.


They are, “Slow. Slow. Slow.. Slow…”

“Slow please..” as she run down the hall. “Gentle…”, as she struggles to climb down the stairs herself. “Slow baby”, as she runs around the park.

Slow is not because I am against her speed.

Slow is not because I do not want her to go fast.

Slow is not because I wouldn’t enjoy her running.

‘Slowly’ because she is not yet ready. She’s still finding balance on her little feet.

Right now, what she needs is not speed; what she needs is balance.

If you’ve ever signed up for a driving lesson, you’d have probably heard the trainer say this often: Slow, slow, slow.

Truth is that speed is not the difficult part; to learn to balance and swerve well at the curves is the important part of driving.

I do not have to remind you of the train that went off track in France recently because it failed to slow down on the curves.

My friends, this is true even in real life. We all want things to happen fast. We want to build a house, buy few cars, and get settled down all in the same year. We want a big ministry, TV programs, crusades, and everything else in a moment. We rush to get married even before we are ready.

This is the problem with our generation. “Don’t tell us to wait. Because we won’t believe you anyway.” “Just tell us how to get there and you’d probably be more appreciated.”

If you are reading this, I beg you to hear the Father God’s voice over your life that’s saying, “Slow. Slow. Gentle. One at a time.” It’s not because God doesn’t want you to succeed. In fact God is the greatest believer in you! [ClickToTweet] Yet, God wants to first teach you the skills and train you for where you are going to be. [ClickToTweet]

Once you have the balance and the training, speed will come naturally. It’s not something you’ll have to strive for. So don’t stress when you are not able to be the best in something you are working hard at. Don’t let your heart be discouraged that you didn’t get it done at one go.

Slow. Slow. Don’t worry about those who laugh behind you. God’s before you and leading you. [ClickToTweet] Take it easy. Don’t rush. It’s alright. Trust God’s timing today. Don’t forget to breathe, and enjoy your day!