5 Declarations Over Your Chains – Divine Favor Series

Shyju Mathew

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March 6, 2015

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Divine Favor Series

Friends, this will be the concluding post of the Divine Favor Series. I hope that this series has encouraged you to pursue Jesus like never before, and planted fresh expectation and hunger in your hearts to seek His face.

I’m believing that the Lord will shower favor on His children this year. Favor is nothing but a special portion, something extra. Are you ready for it?

Greatness will come, but we cannot use the fact that it’s the Year of Favor to be passive in our pursuit of God. There are little things in our heart that need to be changed for greatness to come.

Divine encounters follow desperate people who pursue God’s heart. [tweet this]

When God wants to release His favor, anointing and pour out His Spirit but not to someone who is not ready or hungry for it. He will release it over the ones desperate for Him, the ones that want it a little more than the others.

I want to declare these 5 things over your life in relation to receiving favor:

1. Favor Does Not Mean Without Chains But It Will Follow the Sound of The Chains Breaking

When Paul and Silas were in prison they had chains on their hands but praise did not leave their mouths. The sound of their prayers were so intense that chains were broken. When problems arise, your worship must get louder.

God is looking for unashamed worshippers. [tweet this]

In the natural, they were expected to be polite out of consideration for the other prisoners. They were supposed to remain quiet and be nice Christians but that night, they decided that they would be radical believers.

God is not looking for people who are constantly trying to make everyone happy. You will die trying to make everyone happy. All you need to care is to touch the heart of God through your chains. If you can lift up radical praise, the noise will transcend into the sound of chains breaking.

There’s only one reason why God would allow chains on your hands, for them to be broken. [tweet this]

And the people around you will know that the God you serve is alive. Let me declare that you and your family are going to know that the God you serve is not dead. Don’t be discouraged because God is about to get the glory through your chains.

2. Don’t Pray for Your Enemies to Be Destroyed. They are Your Channels of Blessing
Every enemy that is on your way is a blessing in disguise. [tweet this]

They will serve as stepping stones for you, just like Joseph from the Bible was blessed by his enemies. The enemies that he encountered were his brothers. What they didn’t know was that he would be thrown to the dry well which would then set him up en route to his destiny (Read Genesis 37:24 onwards). Even in the dungeon, they became a means to his eventual success.

You need to celebrate your enemies. Because of them, God is about to lift you up. God is going to make favor follow you this year and make your enemies serve you. Your problem is your solution in disguise.

3. Your Afflictions are Your Passport for Promotion

God is going to allow some afflictions but in the end, there will be greater promotion. The more the afflictions, the more we should cry out to the Lord. Understand the nature of your problems today.

Stop rebuking all your problems and embrace the passport to your destiny. [tweet this]
4. Your Cry Will Bring a National Exodus. That Greater Anointing Requires That Greater Cry

God is going to use your cry for the deliverance of your people.

Because of you, God will save your church. [tweet this]

There will be a revival. Spirits of darkness will be defeated.

The greater your problems, the greater the cry and the anointing to break it! [tweet this] Some anointings haven’t been released because God is still waiting for some people to cry like never before. [tweet this]

We need that cry of desperation. We need a revival cry.

5. The promise requires a believer whom God will make a deliverer. [Tweet This]

God is looking for the desperate people who believe in His promises. Exercise your faith this year and believe that greater and mightier things are yet to come.

The greater the persecution, the greater the divine multiplication! [tweet this]

If only the believer can believe Him unconditionally, He will take the believer and make him as a deliverer.

Let this be your prayer:

“Father I believe that your eyes are on me. Give me the grace to run after You. Use me for Your glory in this generation. I receive my blessings and favour in the name of Jesus!”

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