Overcome 4 Levels of Mind Games

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

April 19, 2018

Is low self-esteem holding you back from your destiny? Low self-esteem can kill your future. Saul, anointed by the Prophet Samuel, the man whom it is said, “that God did not let one of his words fall to the ground”, this man, the best of Israel, was being called as King of Israel. And where was he found? Hiding in the baggage area!

Why? Because he thought he was baggage. In his false modesty, and incredible low self-esteem, Saul negated God’s choice of king by hiding from his nation on coronation day.

Have you ever wondered why your self-esteem is on the low side? The enemy can invade your mind to interrupt your destiny and keep you from taking the inheritance God has chosen to give you. The No. 1 way the enemy invades, disconnects you from God, and causes you to lose your faith, your very relationship with Him, is through a weapon advanced military deploy all over this world: MIND GAMES.

Here are Four Mind Games you MUST avoid to CROSS OVER into your destiny:

1. Low Self Esteem

It is essential that we know who we are in God. The cross ENSURED we are the blood-bought children of Almighty God. If the truth of your identity, that you are chosen by God, is not yours, then you too will be like Saul, chosen by God but still living broken and insecure. Despite all his successes in the kingdom, Saul was consumed with jealousy for one of his sons. Insecurity and low self esteem will eventually rip the very inheritance God has given you, right out of your hands. Saul was too insecure to attend to the counsel of his spiritual father, Samuel. In fact, he overtly disobeyed him without repentance. Saul was so intensely jealous of David that he spend 13 years hunting down the hero of his nation who had delivered them from the domination of Goliath. When you feed jealousy, you open wide the door to the enemy by denying God’s truth of your identity. Cut down insecurity at the root and refuse low self esteem to speak louder than the Father’s words of love over your life. Value the way God values you.

2. Clouds of Mind Attack

Clouds of mind attacks don’t last long. One day, you are worshipping God, and life is good, when suddenly, you lose your way. Little things destroy your focus and your emotions are turbulent, like an airline passing through a storm. You may blow up at your loved ones. Realize this , Beloved, you can’t take back words spoken in anger. Recognize this current reality is ONLY A STORM, a mind attack. Next time you are mind-afflicted, start laughing at the enemy and speak in tongues until it passes.

Another way clouds of mind manifest is by deception or lies. The enemy will try to deceive even the elect. With deception, suddenly you are convinced you are right but your emotions are steering you away from truth in God. If it happened to Eve who was covered in glory, oh, may God help us expose every deception! Expose your offence to God. If the closest unit, married couples, fight, how much more normal is misunderstanding in the church? Live a forgiving life. Guard your heart against disappointment for people always have the capacity to fail you.

Search your heart: Do I trust God to be my life or do I expect more in people? Do I wait for God to accept me or people?

3. Subconscious Attacks:

These are attacks which come in your dreams. You may have spent a lot of hours praying but your eyes that day saw a brief violent clip of a movie. All night, you have crazy attacks in your sleep. In the morning, you wake disconnected with God. Start praying and the presence of God will overflow. When the enemy attacks your subconscious, portions of your subconscious hold a false reality which becomes your reality. You must take authority over that false reality. Fight and break any attacks that occur in your dream.

4. Direct Demonic Attack:

A leader’s greatest strength is a healthy mind. Imagine a samurai who is emotionally defeated. No matter how skilled he is, all of his skills are wasted. You must guard your mind. Without faith you cannot please God. Even if you are fasting but don’t have victory in your mind, you are wasting your time. You must pray “protect me from everything that is negative”.

Beloved, territorial spirits are upset you are taking over their territory. You must grow spiritually to a point that whatever happens in your area cannot move without your permission. If the enemy can defeat your mind, your destiny is corrupted. The devil can’t grow on what we refuse to feed on.

Pray these attacks will be vanquished. You must have victory over your mind.

Come to a place of rest, Beloved. Worship out of His rest. Your mind battles must cease in the Presence of the Lord. The maturity of a Christian is how quickly you get over the battles of the mind. You will win!