10 Steps to Meet God through the Bible

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

November 1, 2019

I’m excited to bring this teaching to you. Have you had times when Bible reading feels boring? Not anymore. Take a few minutes to read this prayerfully and I pray that by the end of it, you will have a new strategy and encounter through the written Word of God.

1. Own a physical Bible

When a cellphone or tablet is your only Bible source, it is problematic, as there are a dozen social apps that simultaneously compete for your attention. You are reading your Bible on the phone, when ten friends suddenly poke you on Facebook. Or you are having an encounter with God, when Instagram notifies that your long lost friend has sent you a message. What do you do? You stop reading the Bible and listen to your pal. Friend, the enemy will always use distractions to take you away from the Lord. Every believer must have a physical Bible that you can make your own.

2. Get a journal Bible

The Bible is your KEY of hearing God’s Voice. I’d recommend a Journal Bible. On both sides of the pages, there is ample space for you to write notes.

3. Study different versions

Consider three versions: King James Version (KJV). English Standard Version (ESV) or New Living Translation (NLT). I have KJV, which can be complicated. On a Bible app, Tecarta, I will highlight a certain word that has caught my attention. I know there is a revelation when I pick up on words, lines, on details. I read the Bible in KJV and then I read the same verse in ESV and NLT so I get a full understanding of the scripture. I write notes to faithfully frame the understanding. Be a passionate student of the Word of God!

If you want to dive in deeper, also take time to watch this video where I share more about the apps that can help you. Video:

4. Document your journey

Every time you open the Bible, write down the date on the page. There are times when God has taken me back to the same page. There are pages God has taken me to, 8 to 10 times! Every time you open the Word, write the new date on the corner, mention the location, the moment or whatever is relevant for that time. Your Bible becomes your tangible location of encounter with God.

5. Colour-code your revelation

Start using different colors to highlight what God is speaking. I have found a way I personalize it. Something God speaks, put it in yellow. When God rebukes or gives you a critical information, put it in red. When God speaks a blessing or a promise, put it in green. When it is a good information, put it in blue. In short, make it your own.

6. Revere the Word.

The Bible is the Word of God and the Word of God is GOD. If that’s the case, every time you read the Bible, you are about to meet with God! Oh, this must bring us great trembling and adoration both at the same time. This becomes the fastest way for you to meet God every single day. In the Holy Bible, the holiness is not in the physical book. What brings holiness to the Book is not in the quality of the page, but in how you revere the Book. Don’t let it catch dust! Guard and carry it with great reverence.

7. Ask for understanding

The Author who wrote the book is inside you! Every time you read, ask the Holy Spirit to tell you about this verse! There are times God will show you insights about of what really happened. He will give you information you don’t see. He will put understanding into your spirit because He is inside you. Don’t expect Him to speak into your ears because He is inside you and speaks to your conscience. Ask the Holy Spirit.

8. Take time to digest the Word with hunger

It’s never about how many chapters you read in one go, it’s about how deep you read it. Break the verses down, see it, read it, understand it, re-read it and meditate on it.

If you feel a verse is interesting, don’t dare to go to the next verse! Stay on it, ask, “Lord why is this verse bothering me? What are you saying? What are you speaking?” Re-read and re-read the verse. The more you soak in it, the more you will become one with it. The more you become one with it, the more you will experience the power in it!

9. When you get stuck, worship

If you don’t understand a verse, your first check must be how well your spirit is connected to the Holy Spirit. Check: Is my spirit distracted? Pause, disconnect from the world and silence your spirit before you continue. Sing a song to Him. Re-read it again. The more your spirit becomes tuned in, the more you’re able to receive from the Spirit of God.

10. Get used to God’s unique reach

Many lose time and energy arguing where the best chapter or book is in the Bible. Denominations are born on arguments from whether to focus on the New or Old Testament. What we forget is that our God, who wrote Genesis, also inspired the Psalms, and also inspired the writings of the book of Revelation. If that’s the case, then God may speak to you from any book in the Bible. The only condition is the level of your attention you give to it, irrespective of the chapter or book you are in. Oh, how exciting your Bible reading is going to be! Gear up to meet with God every single time!!

It is my prayer that you read the Bible differently from today! Enjoy your encounter! Help someone by sharing this with a friend.