Breakthrough for Believers – Part 4: Breaking Burnout

Shyju Mathew

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May 13, 2020

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In this time of isolation, strain and trauma by COVID-19, emotional burnout can be a factor. How do we, as believers, keep giving, when we feel tapped out? How do we give when we feel we have nothing to give?

In this 4th part of the Breakthrough for Believers series, enjoy this powerful Word by Pastor Shyju Mathew, Founder of Revive Nations. For the previous three instalments, please head to Guarding the Heart.

Have you ever driven a vehicle that was running on fumes? Once our gas is spent, very little distance will be gained, and we may find ourselves on a highway, waving a gas can, trying to flag down any help available. Not pleasant!

Church, Burnout is real. This can happen when we pour ourselves into a relationship, a career, a ministry, when much more is required to give, but your resources are depleted.

A physician will prescribe rest, first and foremost. Yet, what if the situation is in someone’s marriage, or their family, or with their church, where rest is not an option? What do you do then?

When there is no way you can escape what is burning you out, the only thing you can change is you. Your capacity must increase.

Physical exhaustion can lead to emotional burnout when you are not passionate about what you are doing.

You must place burnout into its context. A marriage may move into exhaustion, not because the individual is not passionate about his marriage, but at some points, elements may have been introduced that quenches the passion. Harsh words or accusations impact the passion that sustains the health of the marriage, and deadens the heart.

Quenching our passion is a dangerous thing. It reduces our capacity and limits our opportunity to maintain and complete tasks the Lord has assigned.

Our capacity is directly connected to our passions, and when disappointed, our heart fails.

Discouragement is most often the root of burnout.

We might wake up in the morning, and ask, like those servants, “Did we not sow good seeds? How could we see weeds in the morning?” (see Mat. 13)

“An enemy has done it.” – That is the answer of the Master!

We may say, my marriage was beautiful. I sowed good seeds. How could I reap weeds?
We might lament, my spiritual life, my church, my finances, they were beautiful! How could we reap weeds instead of wheat?

Then we ask ourselves, was the problem with me? Am I wrong? Am I the mistake?

Beloved, God is speaking right now: You are not the mistake, nor is your spouse or your family. The enemy has done it. He came in the night, when you were not watching. He snuck into your field of influence or into the mind of your spouse or into your finances.

Yet, the Lord always has the final say!

First, do not let the enemy convince you of ANYTHING!

You are the salt. You are the LIGHT. You are the solution maker. God has put you in charge. Do NOT get discouraged.

Next, exercise due diligence to look inside and GROW.

What instruction am I not following?
What pattern, mindset, habit do I need to change?
Seek counsel from your spiritual parents and get direction.

Finally, check your perspective. Is your burnout a true reality?

What is exhausting to one, may not be exhausting to another. One can plaster for hours, while another may edit, yet neither could sustain the other’s load. Is the problem with the situation or is the problem with your capacity?

Think about Elijah. After slaying 450 prophets of Baal, he sat under a tree, intimidated by Jezebel’s threats and moaned, “God, I resign.” (see 1 Kings 19). God simply said, “7000 have not bowed to Baal”. Reality check, Elijah. He needed to increase his capacity!

Friend, do you have peace or are you losing it? If your peace is limited, based on whether your circumstance changes, it is not peace. Jesus slept in the boat in the waves, in perfect peace. Certain waves may enter into the boat, but your boat will not go down where many other boats have sunk, if the Lord is in your midst!

Peace is not a circumstance! Peace is a Person! [tweet this]

Jezebel used the elders of Israel and caused Elijah to give up his ministry, as lying witnesses who betrayed and were used by the enemy. Don’t allow this spirit that is using human beings to exhaust you and wear you out.

Don’t burn out.

The enemy will use anybody and everybody to move you off your path.

Remain in peace.

Can you see your situation for what it is? What makes us different is our perspective. Perspective comes to us because of Whom we have encountered.

Those who know God will do exploits. Those who know about God just write books.
If you know the schemes of the enemy, and know your God, you will surely avoid burnouts!

The LORD is by your side, therefore, be encouraged.

There is no area that can emotionally deplete you, if your passion is Jesus. [tweet this]

In this tough COVID-19 season, spend time at the feet of the Lord. Do NOT waste your time, like the disciples caught in that storm, watching the waves and admiring the crazy wind of this season (see Luke 8). Take time to admire our Lord Jesus in the boat, still sleeping, always remaining incredible in peace, despite the waves filling his cushions.

Imagine if the disciples had done so. Instead of looking at the waves and the storm, screaming and shrieking how crazy the season was, what if, they looked steadily to admire Jesus sleeping in peace?

What we admire is what we begin to absorb and become part of. Click here to learn more.

Isaiah 26:3 says, “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you…”

In this season, keep your eyes stayed on Jesus. Where everything is chaotic, when everyone is admiring how terrible things are, and glorify the work of satan by giving this virus too much time and too much attention, avert your eyes and give your attention to Lord Jesus.

As you focus on Jesus, His Perfect Peace will come to you.

Beloved, this is your portion. This is your breakthrough! Focus on the Lord and change your perspective! You are designed by God to walk in supernatural capacity! Be blessed and may this season of metamorphosis forever change you to God’s great glory!

Powerful Now Word: Emotional BURNOUT! Watch the video here.

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