Life of Joseph (Part 2): How to enter your destiny – a lesson well learnt

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

August 6, 2021

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Life of Joseph

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Today, may we draw near to unlock our destiny in God a little bit more!

Is the Light of God upon you?

Do you shine so bright with the Lord, that like Daniel, you are sought after by royals, and decked out in fine robes and gold when your understanding is so divine? Are you a believer of such substance that like Joseph, with one brief answer, the whole Egyptian kingdom is placed in your hands? Are you carrying so much grace, that people make way for you like Samuel or renovate their entire home to host you, like Elijah?

Oh, that more of us could answer “Yes” to that question!

We must unlock this grace of the great men and women of the Bible, that the world may see the wisdom and power of God through us!

When describing Joseph’s life, the psalmist records:

He sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was sold for a servant:
Whose feet they hurt with fetters: he was laid in iron:
Until the time that his word came: the word of the LORD tried him. Psalm 105:17-19

The Word of the Lord tried Joseph. How is that possible?

The New Testament states, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1)

We therefore know Jesus is the Word and the Word is God. This WORD tried Joseph.

The Word which came through Jacob to young Joseph in dreams, this Word, was sent by God. And then this same Word tested Joseph until he could carry the promise to fulfillment.

Despite rejection, betrayal, injustice and imprisonment, Joseph remained faithful to the God of his father.

Once he passed the test, his destiny to save all the world from famine was unstoppable.

Be encouraged! The Lord speaks a Word of destiny over each of our lives!

Like Joseph, our destiny is unlocked when we allow the Word to test our hearts, to intently test our character until we may become Sent ones without compromise, Ambassadors of grace who fully live in the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ!

Until the Word is tested, and matured in us, the Lord will wait to manifest His promise in our life.

The Word waits for us to have the capacity to carry our destiny.

For many, our environment may test us greatly. Instead of changing our workplace, it changes us. Instead of changing your school, school begins to mis-shape us. Sadly, we all know from experience how we can act more like the world than the world changers we are called to be.

Here is the Good News: If we allow the WORD of God to test us, mold us, and deliver us, then like Joseph, Moses, Daniel, even Jesus, we will be set up by HEAVEN to be a Deliverer of our situation, as the Word manifests God’s spoken destiny on our life!

Dear friend, the testing of the Word should not bring confusion or disappointment! Instead, let the instructions and principles of the Word transform us into Light-bearers who carry substance and draw favour in every environment!

May the Word manifest in all areas of our lives and may the world know that God of our father is true!

To hear this Message in full, head to Revive Nations TV and enjoy total transformation in your life for God’s Glory! Be blessed and please do share this powerful Word with those you love!

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