Life of Joseph (Part 1): Nurturing the Deliverer Anointing

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

July 29, 2021

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Today, we must learn how to nurture the anointing and be delivered from our trials. So grab a notepad and your Bible and draw close! This River is mighty! Surely, it is the Lord’s gracious mercy to bring a Word of this measure in these crucial days!

When you see a wee child or perhaps a sweet toddler, do you realize that though he may look like a baby, he is not just a baby?

This child may be the Deliverer sent by Heaven for your family, for your city, or for your nation!

Look close at the life of Joseph. This young boy was favoured by his father, resented by his brothers, and ordained by heaven to be a Deliverer.

Look – God sent Joseph! That little kid that toddled around Simeon and gurgled after Judah, that favoured child born to Jacob in his old age, was not just favoured by his daddy – he was the Favoured of the Lord, to steward nations!

Don’t underestimate the manner in which God will raise up a Deliverer in your house!

Don’t quench your children! Don’t quench the Words that have been spoken over your life and your family’s life!

There may be only small, tiny signs of the God-breathed destiny upon your son or daughter’s life, but never lose sight, that if they are Kingdom born, they are children of promise!

May we prophetically lead our children!

This is the DNA of Revive Nations Ministry, to raise leaders, to be mighty anointed families and individuals who take the Kingdom by force.

May our Awesome God lead us to raise families of might for His Kingdom!

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