Life of Joseph (Part 4): Trials bring Promotion

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

August 26, 2021

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Life of Joseph

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Today, as we discover four areas of testing which lead to heavenly promotion, we pray you enjoy this powerful Word tailor-made just for you!

Have you ever seen such huge perfect blooming flowers on an office plant, you just had to reach out and feel the leaves to see if it was real?

How about your faith? How has it been tested?

1 Peter 1:7 states, The trial of your faith is more precious than of gold that perishes.

Our faith is precious to God, so dear to Heaven, that it must be tested!

In this series on Joseph’s life, we have read in Psalm 105: 17-22, how Joseph was tested by the Word. For those who are determined to see the Hand of God in our life, 99% of us will be tested in these four same areas:

1. The Test of Loyalty: Joseph was tested by his father when he brought his dreams but was still sent out to find his brothers. Will you still honour your spiritual father when he is silent, or your gift is not accessed? How about your Father in Heaven?

2. The Test of Humility: Joseph was tested by his brothers and his brothers were tested by their father’s favour for Joseph. Can you honour any vessel God chooses, without allowing the spirit of pride and competition to derail you? Can you honour the brothers and sisters God has given to you, that you may grow or will jealousy take you away from the father?

3. The Test of Identity: Joseph was tested by strangers. From slave traders to Potiphar to the prison guards to Pharaoh, Joseph had to remain true to his identity as a beloved child of God and refute the lies of rejection that come from life’s circumstances. Will the world’s woes frame your perspective, erode your confidence in God? Or will you stand strong and believing as a child of God despite any circumstances that come your way?

4. The Test of Faithfulness: Joseph never quit the Word of promise spoken over his life. For 13 long years of testing in Egypt, he clung to God and would not let the environment change his destiny. Despite all, will you cling to the Word of promise over your life and persist in believing the God Who loves you, not just today, but every day of your life?

Surely the Biblical record is clear – Joseph passed the test! By the time he reached the prison of Egypt, his anointing was so strong, even Pharaoh was dreaming dreams from Heaven! Joseph went from the pit to the palace! The Word tried him and the promise of God manifested for the good of all the nations in Joseph’s day!

Friend, when your faith is tested, will you shine bright like Joseph, or grow bitter? Will your mouth confess God’s goodness, or will grumbling and complaints tumble out in disappointment?

It is the words we speak in difficult times which prove the true testimony of our faith. May our confession be tried and true, so that when we pass the test, elevation becomes our certain portion and the Lord is glorified through our testimony!

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