How to Respond to What You Fear the Most

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

September 24, 2014

What do you fear the most?

In the book of Judges, chapter 6 we read about the Midianites who began to attack the people of Israel. The Bible says that the power of Midianites was so oppressive that out of fear the Israelites made shelters for themselves in mountains clefts, caves and strong holds. The attack of the enemy succeeded in pushing the children of God back from the place they were positioned to be.


This oppression continued for 7 years. And when the Israelites cried to God, His answer to them was surprising. In verse 10 of Judges 6, God says, “I am the Lord your God; fear not the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but ye have not obeyed My voice.”

God shows them that the root cause of their issue was “fear”.

What fear succeeded in doing to the Israelites:

Fear had changed warriors into cowards.
Fear had changed their title from owners to orphans.
Fear changed their position from fighting to fleeing.
Fear caused them to retreat and withdraw instead of standing the ground and seeing the Salvation of the Lord.

Imagine, 7 years of slavery and destruction and peace-less life was all rooted in one thing – fearing man over God.

What about your life?

Fear causes us to hide and retreat instead of moving forward into our destiny. [tweet this] We build our own strongholds because of our fears.

What do you fear? What are you running away from? What are your dens, caves and strongholds? What caused you to build those walls?


Was it a broken heart from a broken relationship? Was it betrayal?

Break those strongholds and wall, let the love of Christ permeate you to experience your freedom.

What you fear, you become a slave to. [tweet this]

If you fear about losing your job, you will become a slave to your work. You would be working night and day and seven days of the week compromising your time with God and family.

If your career or higher education defines you, then you will be crippled by the fear of failure in it, indirectly becoming a slave of it.

Fear causes us to stop being dependent on God and trust other means around us. Thus, successfully following into the trap of putting our careers and education and likewise over God.

However, God takes the unqualified and makes them great, to bring glory to His name. Fear God and pursue Him and your dreams will have to follow you. [tweet this] Let Him be the centre of your life, and His purposes will follow you to the glory of His Name.

Fear is not of God – for He did not give us a spirit of Fear, but of power and love and a sound mind ( 2 Timothy 1:7). I pray as you read this, that your strongholds and walls shall be broken, that fears in flesh will be destroyed by His yoke. Every spirit of abandonment, rejection, fear, anxiety, insecurity, inferiority, low self esteem be destroyed over your life in Jesus Mighty Name.

Today make a conscious decision to pursue God first over everything else in your life and see how He will help you overcome all your fears.

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