Investigate Your Life: 7 Keys to Strengthen Your Foundations

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

October 17, 2019

Have you ever wondered why some people soar high in life, while others trudge slow along dry dusty roads? Friends, INVESTIGATE YOUR LIFE. Your desperation to grow in Christ determines the accelerant of advance!

Pursue these 7 Keys to bring VICTORY in life:

1. Deal with Your Past:

You cannot go into your future if you have not dealt with your past. When somebody surrenders to the Lord Jesus, they are forgiven of their sins. Yet many people are stuck because they have not uprooted their sins, despite their confession of sin. Despite completely confessing Jesus, bondage remains if you don’t deal with your past.

Remember how Abraham struggled to put Hagar out of his house? God had to appear and say, “Let them go”. If your broken past is still etched in your memory, let those ties be broken! Identify those ties and say your good-byes!

Show no mercy to your past. Don’t reason and don’t touch.

As you deal with your past, you must let go of the guilt of your sin. All have sinned on this earth, except Christ. The devil will remind you what God has long forgotten! You have no obligation to be tied down to your past . The Lord Jesus has forgiven you and set you free. NOW forgive yourself!

2. Deal with your Present.

Psalm 1:3 I am like a tree planted by the waters. He that is planted by the waters will bear fruit in and out of season.

My mom loves to garden. One day she showed me a giant flowering bush in her garden, which grew much larger than all her potted plants. In the depth of the garden, the plant could grow strong roots.

Where you are planted will determine your fruit.

Moreover, what you grow will depend on the strength of the seed that comes out of you! Whatever you invest into now, will affect your generations.

Abraham gave his tithe to Melchizedech yet it states that Levi gave his tithe through Abraham when he was not yet born (Heb. 7:10)! The stream beside which you are planted will affect every area of your life.

3. Study Your Fruit to Study Your Life:

In India, mangoes taste like honey in the mouth. As a child, I would watch my dad peel a mango, strip by juicy strip. Once, I bought mangoes at our local grocery store in Montreal. I tried the first and thought, perhaps it was just a bad one. I tried the brightest mango of the lot next, thinking, it was so yellow, it would have to be sweet. 12 trials later, each resulted in the same disappointment, bright on the outside, bitter on the inside.

Sadly, many of us are the same.

We may be marvellously anointed but lack the character required to carry His Presence.

Beloved, righteousness is very powerful. There is a grace that will come from your King as His righteousness works the heavy lifting in the Kingdom.

Learn to remove uncleanness from your life and die to yourself every day. When we carry the righteousness of Jesus, there is a power and anointing and authority that comes to us, to make our burdens light, so bring each word, action and thought under the blood of Jesus. Every day.

Instead of pursuing the anointing, focus on producing he fruit of the Spirit in your life.
Focus on treating your family right. Treat your loved ones with patience, love, kindness, faithfulness, mercy, self-control, gentleness.

Test yourself: am I sweet or do I just look sweet?

Your children, your spouse, your pastor should all testify you are sweeter than last year! Would they reach eagerly for more of your fruit or push the basket away?

4. Protect your Environment:

Whom you walk with will either support or distract your pursuits. A wrong friend can destroy your future. A friend may incite you anger, or to walk away when you should have humbled yourself. Bad communication spoils good morals (1 Cor. 15:33). Fellowship with those who deliver ungodly principles into your life must end.

Are you surrounded with people who love Jesus as much as you do?

Clean up your environment and maintain your garden. There are some people in your life brought to you by God and others are sent to harm. Learn to nurture your garden and wherever you are, maintain the light. Learn the royal art of dealing with human beings.

Being an introvert is not an excuse to be a turtle Christian. Get over your fear of people. Get past your low self-esteem. Being an introvert is not an option! Jesus loves people, so you must love people. Work on building godly friendships.

Can you imagine Ruth protesting not to go to Boaz? Follow the instructions of those heaven-sent to bless you! Perfume yourself! Learn the protocols.

Let the Light of God transform every area of your life.

5. Recognize God’s Voice:

If the enemy has higher altitude to you, he can see right where you are. Learn to interpret God’s language and God’s voice to get His higher perspective.

The Holy Spirit gives His direction to those who are quick to respond to Him. If the Holy Spirit nudges you but you refuse, sadly, Pain will teach next.

Learn to Interpret the voice of God through dreams, visions and prayer. Seek the Spirit of God before all else. Study the Voice whom God has sent for your life. Fear will cause your brain to shut down, so lean into the voice of the one whom God has sent to guide you forward.

Get perspective by hearing Your God.

6. Pray without Ceasing:

No matter how righteous you are living, without prayer, your life is incomplete, and even living a holy life is no excuse to ignore prayer.

Our Lord Jesus promised, “If you remain in Me and I remain in you, whatsoever you pray, I will give it to you”(John 15:4), therefore develop unbroken communion with the Lord.

The majority of us pray randomly and do not get our prayer request answered. Yet God responds to prayers through our relationship with Him.

It is your relationship with God that attracts answers to your prayers. [tweet this]

Shameless persistence in prayer will cause the Lord to open the door for you (Luke 11:8).

How consistent are you in your persistence of God?

A faithful bride has access to her bridegroom. Keep knocking. Stay in prayer all the time. Then, when the enemy comes, you will be undeterred because you are already standing with the Lord.

7. Let Your Seed Speak on Your Behalf:

Many pray much but give little yet our seed speaks louder than our cries.

One lady ran to Presence of God and broke the alabaster jar at the feet of Jesus. Some historians calculate the perfume cost more than $50,000. She broke that jar at His feet!

In order to be a friend of God, you have to function like Him. His generosity is unparalleled. The Lamb was slain before the foundations of the earth at the will of the Father for the sin of those not yet created!

Where your treasure is, there your heart is. Giving has the power to move things for your future. Be a consistent giver.

Beloved, be strategic and intentional with your life and watch the Lord shift you into your next season!

We hope these 7 key principles unlock your destiny! May you mount up with wings like eagles, catch the Wind of the Spirit, and soar, for the glory of God who loves you!

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