Stage Decoration Ideas for Churches and Ministries


Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

October 6, 2012

Whether you are a church or a small ministry, through this post, we want to motivate you to have a good stage set up. We, at times have had people arguing whether Jesus had a logo branding and so why we were posting about it and so I can imagine someone asking next if Jesus needed a stage decoration.

Well, I think Jesus had some of the most amazing decorations behind Him, imagine the silhouette of a sea behind Him and another time He had deep blue sky or clouds descending in the backdrop. Point is, it’s good to give God our best and pour out everything we have for His glory.

Sometimes, we tend to move away from working on a good stage setting because we think it requires a lot of money. Actually, not really. Ask the Lord for some good ideas and He will give you some great ideas that can be accomplished in low costs.

The Challenge We Faced

While we were planning for our crusades in Canada, one important area of decision was the stage backdrop design. The problem is we were hosting these crusades in three different cities (a good problem) in the country and to work with the stage backdrop and simultaneously to keep it economical was a big challenge.

To have a large banner and to carry it to three different cities, was not feasible and it was all the more challenging when some of the venue auditoriums are not open to hanging or pinning stuff on their walls or curtains.

The Solution

We finally decided to use a pull banner stands, may be around three of them to stand in a line behind as a stage backdrop. Here’s what we came up with and I personally think it was not bad as it gave us enough of a uniformed effect without having to pull, pin and hang stuff.


Awesome Stage Decorations

Here are some awesome stage decorations for your inspiration. I have intentionally tried to pick simple, contemporary and economic designs, that you can manage to put together without needing too much lights and props.

1. Some good designed banners hanging down the ceiling.

1 First Church of God in Vero Beach, Florida

2. Three different coloured silky fabrics used.

2 Igreja Crist+ú Manancial de +üguas Vivas in Portugal

3. Glued cardboard strips with multicoloured lights hitting them.

3 Fellowship Church at Granite Bay

4. With 6 sheets of Coroplast.

4 North Metro Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, GA

5. Cutting forty 18″x18″x18″ boxes into half and using a 300-watt halogen canister colour light on them.

5. Living Word Church

6. Bent strips of Coroplast wedged horizontally fixing each piece with a small nail on each side.

6. Topeka Bible Church in Kansas

7. With 363 soda cans that cost about 70$

7. Word Of Grace Community Church in Sheboygan Falls

8. 52 squares, 32 inches each with 4 inch gaps between each of them.

8.Christ Community Church in Hopkinsville

I hope these designs inspire you to take up the stage decoration part a notch higher in your ministry.

Looking for more ideas and how to do’s? “Church Stage Design Ideas” have plenty of them. 

Most of these props go to a whole different level when you can focus some colour LED lights on it. Don’t be afraid to try the new and don’t be sad if something doesn’t work. It only eliminates one idea that doesn’t work. Keep learning and do the new!


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