The Great Miracle in My Hopeless Life – Edward Jonathan

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

February 2, 2013

Jonathan Edward

Jonathan Edward

This is a miracle testimony of a young leader Jonathan Edward from Andhra Pradesh, India. His passion and love for Jesus inspires me. Have a prayer request or a word to Jonathan? Leave it in the comment box at the end.

I was born and brought up in a Christian pastor’s family. My life was a life of suffering related to health. If I had not met Jesus personally I would not have been alive to share my testimony today.

It all started from my fourth grade when I got Chicken Pox. After that, every year I used to suffer with one or the other sicknesses. As a result, I lost immunity in my body. My family had a tough time taking care of me and I was conspicuous for my poor attendance in school.

When I was in my ninth grade, I started having strange symptoms in my body. My parents took me to every renowned doctor but none of them could figure out the cause. After much research they diagnosed it as Tuberculosis.

At that time, I remember one night I had a vision of heaven and hell. I saw the entrance of both heaven and hell and heard a voice saying, “Choose the place you want.” I was filled with fear and soon I accepted Jesus as the Saviour of my life. But there was no improvement in my health condition.

Few years later I joined college and I started to live the ‘good life’ that I was taught to live in my church. But I always felt that I needed to know something more about God in my life and was in constant search of that missing element.

In 2005, when I was in my twelfth grade, the deadly disease struck me again for the second time. It was very hard for me to go through the pain and the heavy dosage of medicine every day. If this was not enough, it relapsed successively in 2006 and 2007 for the third and fourth time! My parents took me to all the best hospitals in the state, but there seemed to be no hope. I had to start my treatment for the fourth time with the second line of drugs.

I was fed up with the intake of drugs which had proved futile thus far. I was vomiting blood and had become very weak. I was unable to even drink water. In my moment of desperation, I offered a small prayer to Jesus saying, “God, if You are a God who heals even today, please heal me. I have done whatever I could and if You heal me I will do whatever You ask me to do.”

At that time I had never heard about God healing someone or the fact that God still heals. We didn’t even have a television because we were taught that Christians should not watch it. There was no internet facility because our town was remote. Attending any other church other than our own church was a social taboo. Consequently I was left to fend for myself.

All had given up their hope on me. I was on the brink. At this juncture, God in His providence sent one of our relatives to pray for me. This relative of mine who had visited us for the first time in his life is an evangelist endowed with the gift of healing and deliverance. He told me about how Jesus heals even now. I believed and asked for prayer. He prayed in the name of Jesus and I was healed instantly!


Wow, for the first time I had experienced healing and the power of God in my life. After that, I stopped taking medicines. I got up from my bed and started to walk like a healthy person.

Soon my uncle introduced me to the Holy Spirit and taught me how imperative it was for me to receive His baptism to glorify Jesus in my life. Accordingly I prayed and I received the same but my parents were kept in dark about this as they were not exposed to such teachings. Slowly I started to develop a strong personal relationship with God.

Meanwhile I was doing my graduation. But as a result of my health condition, I was poor in my studies in the first semester. The college authorities wanted me to sack me due to lack of attendance and low grades. But by God’s grace, I got another chance. In my weakness, God became my strength. Things turned around. In the next semester I stood second in the University!  I started to share with everyone how my God is living and real.

It was 2008 and I completed my graduation and joined Post-graduation in a nearby city.

In the year 2009, when I was in my second year of P.G, I happened to attend a Holy Spirit filled church where the Lord spoke directly to me about the plans He has for my life and directed me to start a church in the city where I was studying. I returned home and I had no clue on how it was going to happen. But I remembered the vow I made to God and after seeking God in prayers for few days, I started a church with few of my friends.

The Lord started to speak to my parents and they obeyed God and left whatever they had and joined me. Now we serve the Lord together as a family. The church has been growing here and people who have lost all hope or are suffering with sicknesses are the ones who come to our church.

God has been so amazing!

Do remember me and my family in your prayers that we may serve the Lord faithfully till He returns.