11 Most Popular Posts of 2013!

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January 1, 2014


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Hello 2014, here we go!!!

Wishing all our dear friends, partners and subscribers of GTH a very a blessed new year 2014.

Last year we missed posting twice and thanks to the three followers who emailed me out of concern. I’d write GTH all over again even if I had only three followers!

And here is some good news: Guarding the Heart blog just crossed 4000 subscribers!!!

Wow, thanks to each and every one of you. If you are not receiving this blog in your inbox, please subscribe here (and you’ll need to confirm the link in your email after you subscribe.)

And before I sign out here’s a round up of our popular posts of 2013:

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2. Best Bible App Ever for iPhone, iPad and Android

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5. 3 Reasons Why David Was a Man After God’s Own Heart

6. Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage?

7. What to Look for in a Life Partner?

8. Where Was God During the Rape?

9. 7 Dangers of Pleasing People Around You

10. When God Shuts Our Favourite Doors on Our Face!

11. Are You Deceived in a Relationship? 6 Crucial Check Points

And our top commenters for 2013 are: Kenneth Justin, Preethi Jess, Bernadine Wicket, Divya Jrv, Jonathan Edward, Zena Goh, Rebecca Gabriel, BRMathew, Tulasi Nandikolla, Esther4Jesus and Princy V.

Thank you for all your comments. I read them and love your sharing, feedbacks and testimonies.

Did I miss a post? Which was your favourite post of 2013? Don’t forget to share it in the comment section below.