5 Keys to Hover Like the Holy Spirit Series – Part 5/5:  KNOW Who You ARE!

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

November 13, 2018

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series 5 Keys to Hover like the Holy Spirit Series

(This is Part Five of Our Series, “5 Keys to Hover Like the Holy Spirit”.  To read the first four parts, click on the links, Part 1: Know Your Beginnings and Part 2: Mind Your Mind and Part 3: Persistence is Essential and Part 4:  Understand God’s Silence)

Do you know who you are?

Do you know the power you carry, Christ in you, the hope of glory (Col 1:27)?

Though you might nod yes, when tested with trials, do you hover in hope or hang your head in despair?

When the Spirit hovers, the Voice of God is heard.  When we hover over our chaos in hope and expectation in our God, Heaven comes to earth.

A necessary KEY to hover as the Holy Spirit hovers, is to renew your identity.

When the wind and waves came, Jesus slept in the boat. He knew Who He was and He was not dismayed by elements, trails or tests along the way!

We must be like our Jesus.  Refuse to be affected by the chaos around you because you know who you are, a child of God, a spirit who lives in communion with the HOLY SPIRIT, a force!

If you are emotionally affected by a problem, you diminish your authority to respond to that problem. Instead, disconnect from the problem, with the understanding that you know who you are, and hover until order comes! With this knowledge, we take authority over the problem and declare: I KNOW I AM COMING OUT OF THIS!

Beloved, you must carry yourself differently. If we understand Who we carry, then we must walk into our trials with peace.

Refuse to be divested of your royalty despite the lions that snarl.

I had a dream: In it, satan was standing on a large hill. At the bottom of the hill, the man stood with his head down. Satan said, “Give me your mind!”  It seemed as if the enemy would win.  However, the man said slowly, carefully, “I will… NEVER GIVE YOU MY MIND!”

Beloved, the enemy will always attack your mind.  If your mind is afraid of the problems you are facing, you will never have victory over them.  You must renew your mind to operate in your true identity. Do not give the enemy your mind!

Consider Daniel. He had chains on his hands, but he carried himself in such excellence that royalty was drawn to him.  In fact, the queen of the kingdom referred Daniel to the king. He had the highest referral, despite being a slave (Daniel 5).

There was something in Daniel’s spirit that stood out before his fellow men.
The great danger is not in having chains on your hand, it is in having chains on your mind.
Beloved, you may be thrown into a pit, but the grace of God will pull you out.  Even in the dungeon, the grace of God will promote you!  The chains on your feet mean nothing because you are not your physical body, you are a spirit. The Spirit is a force, so be bold!

Critical to hovering is to locate the spirit reality in your situation. When someone says they don’t have finances, this is not the spirit man.  Sometimes your physical body hasn’t seen the manifested presence of God yet but the blessing is there.

For example, Jesus was with Peter yet the fish had not appeared. Peter had to HEAR God’s VOICE  to turn the fish into the nets.  He had to wait to hear the voice of God and then, throw out his nets on the other side, and the net was filled with fish.

Don’t underestimate the God in you. The people of God carry a greater glory, the spirit of God, within. The most important KEY to Hover as the Holy Spirit hovers, is to realize WHO you are, WHO you carry, WHO you represent, and WALK accordingly!

Beloved, you have access to the Voice of God by the Spirit within you!  Like Daniel, who refused all riches, knowing the Wealth he had access to in God, HOVER like the Holy Spirit! May God be glorified in our world today!

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