The Hidden Temptation in the ‘Corner of the Robe’


Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

September 19, 2012

Not so long ago, I was talking to a young man in ministry. During the conversation, he mentioned the amount that he was receiving as salary. We then moved on to other topics. However, after he was gone, he called me an hour later, almost in tears. He told me that he had lied. He had not told me the full truth.

He was getting an additional amount to pay his phone bills but for whatever reason chose not to reveal it. I brushed it aside saying, “You may have very well overlooked that.”


The next day was a Sunday, he got a fever and he called me unable to minister. He kept saying, “I am sorry I lied.”

He then asked me a question which got me thinking. “Shyju, do you think I am over-reacting?”

Just before I could say “Yes you are, take it easy.” The Holy Spirit in me said, “You should be worried if you didn’t take it seriously.”

Consider the Life of King David

The scripture says, “And afterward David’s heart struck him, because he had cut off a corner of Saul’s robe.” (1 Samuel 24:5 ESV)

I love those words, “heart struck him”!

King Saul was in pursuit of young David, to kill him. While on the chase he got into a cave, the very cave in which David and his men were hiding.

Everyone around David said, here’s your opportunity to kill your enemy. David in the moment, crept up to Saul and cut of the corner of Saul’s robe.

Over a Corner Piece of Cloth

His intention was to just prove to Saul his innocence. However, the Bible gloriously explains the integrity of David’s heart, “his heart struck him” over a corner piece of cloth. He was filled with guilt.

Now most of them would say that it wasn’t a crime nor was it much of a sin in relation to how much harm or death itself, he could have otherwise brought to Saul. But David seemed to have known his Creator in whom there is no darkness at all!

Remember, the devil will always give you plenty of opportunity to justify your sin. Choose not to blame a circumstance, need, or someone else for your sin.

The Corner of the Robe Opportunity

To David in that moment, the corner of the robe was an opportunity that was so inviting! However it was not ok!

Not every opportunity that comes your way is yours! You will be amazed at the thousands of the corner robe opportunities the enemy will set you up for. Everyday the devil tries to set you up to steal your relationship with God. Don’t take it!

Is There a Limit?

People ask questions like, “If I am not getting sexual, can I not simply hold hands with my girl friend?” “Can’t I without lust, kiss my boyfriend on his cheek?” “Can I go to a pub, if I don’t get drunk?” “How much wine is fine?”, “How about on the limits of what kind of clothes we are allowed to wear?”. Simply put, “What can I get away with?”

Chances are that you can have your way with your parents or even your pastor, but God sees your heart. The border lines are too thin and it will always remain that way.

Humans are always looking at how much we can get away with. But integrity of heart is to say, I don’t want to be part of that even for a little bit.

What are the little compromises we allow to satisfy the lusts of our heart? What are the little delights we indulge in that subdue the appetite of a larger monster that hides in us while at the same time we portray ourselves as self-righteous?

We keep thinking that these are tiny knots that won’t get us entangled and that may be the truth but it may be at the expense of God’s favour over our life.

Don’t Celebrate Them

Oh no, no, David did not keep frame that robe as a gallant reward. Instead, he brought it to light and confessed his sins.

Sometimes, sin can deceptively look like great achievements when you have pursued it for sometime. You may have made the best of the subtle opportunity that came your way, however do not be ashamed to go to God. Expose yourselves everyday to God so that you may find grace and mercy when you are in need!

A holy man is the one who cries over the unholiness that is left in him. [Click To Tweet]

Today, weep over your sin.

In fact Bible encourages us to go to God with confidence, over those cut off robe corners that we take for granted. Let the light of God shine in your life and remove every darkness of the enemy in you.

Pursue Jesus right now!

Tell me, has the enemy been waving you “corner robe opportunities?” How are you overcoming it everyday? Discuss and share with the GTH community below.