Lessons I Learnt Before Getting My Stolen Apple Laptop Back

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

November 27, 2013

dhivyaMumbai-based Dhivya Gandhi is someone better known in her friends’ circle as “All things Apple.” God’s faithful hand has not only met the desires of her heart, but has also allowed her to work in different capacities for a company that supplies Apple products in India. Well, somewhere down the line, the same faithful hand of God has also taught her lessons about her passion. Here is her testimony.

As a young working professional I was a great fan of Apple products. It was to a point that as soon as I got my first job, I began to save for my first Apple laptop. It took me almost 18 months to buy this laptop and the day I bought it I was completely financially broke.


Because of the amount of hard work that I had put in acquiring it, I was very careful with my laptop, so much so that no one other than me was allowed to touch it. I spent hours with my laptop and bulk of my time was spent on playing with it.

Eight months later my house in Mumbai was robbed and the only important thing missing was my laptop. I was heart-broken. I was so sad and upset that I had a list of questions for God.

Why me God?

Was it not a blessing that you gave me?

Did you not know how hard I worked for it?

This incident shook my faith. I began to run pillar to post to find why this happened to me and what was my mistake in it? This was the time I happened to email Brother Shyju almost daily cribbing about how bad this was for me. In this phase of my life, God taught me 3 important lessons:

1. I had made my blessing an idol in my life.

2. I had allowed my faith to be shaken by my circumstances.

3. I had forgotten that the God I serve is a Jealous God.

Breaking the Unknown Idols in Life

How many of you will say that I cannot live without this one thing in life? Or say that I want this one thing desperately? It can be a person, a gadget, a habit, an event, lifestyle, or a job.

I am no different I too had that one little thing in my life that I would not let anyone touch including God. The oxford dictionary defines idol as “a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered”.

The Restoration

Once I was convicted of my mistakes I began to repent. I was certain that even if I got the laptop back it was not going to bring me so much joy compared to what I had learnt. Hence I began to thank the Lord in all of this.

To my surprise, I got my laptop back after 167 days. God is so good!

When the robber was caught, the police recovered 50 other laptops with him. In my office everyone began to acknowledge that this was a miracle by God to a point that if something bad happened with any of my colleagues they would ask me if I could pray with them.

However ever since I got my laptop back, I have never used it! Not because I don’t like it anymore, but because now I look at it as simply a gadget and not like something that I adore. I know my God broke the idol in my life.

Today if you say that you cannot live without something, I believe it is time for you to introspect. You might just discover something that you never knew existed in your closet.

Allow Jesus to rule in every area in your life. He will bring you to a point where you will say: YOU are the only one that I cannot live without. And dear friends that is the BEST SPOT to ever be in!

Discuss: How has this post spoken to you? What are the idols that you are struggling with?