Equilibrium [Part 5]: Capacity Training

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

February 20, 2021

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Equilibrium

Wow, readers, we hope you are enjoying this series on Equilibrium! This series was launched during a 31-day season of prayer by believers all across the nations connected to Revive Nations and hosted by Emmanuel Church in Montreal, A brief description of the first four parts are listed below:

1) Equilibrium is essential for every believer. (See Equilibrium [Part 1]: Balance with Soul and Spirit post).
2) To be balanced as a believer, your soul must be submitted, and your spirit must lead (See Jesus: Equilibrium Defined [Part 2] post).
3) The enemy attacks this balance, but the Lord just uses it an as opportunity to strengthen your response, ideal target practice (See Equilibrium [Part 3]: The Steady Pursuit though Opposition is Certain post).
4) Sensory overload, the exterior world is what feeds your soul, but Word, prayer, worship feeds the spirit, and truly friend, you are what you eat! (See Equilibrium [Part 4]: Spirit Leading, Soul Following post).

Today in Part 5 , we are talking about building your capacity to maintain equilibrium.

Imagine you’re are holding a large platter in your right hand. Put a few items on that plate. Maybe it’s your kids, or school. Now add a few more things to the plate, like your job, perhaps ministry at church. Is the plate filling up? Can you keep holding that plate? Perhaps you can. But then, what happens when another child comes along, or a return to schooling is required? Or even a promotion requires you to work longer hours? What happens to the plate? Is the weight tipping? Does it feel like everything is about to crash? Do you feel overwhelmed? Stretched?

In truth, you are being strengthened.

Welcome to capacity building.

God wants His children to grow stronger and He often does this by adding more weight to your plate, that you will grow in your capacity to handle even more.

When something new is added to your life, and your soul starts charging ahead, beloved, just slow down and bring your soul to rest. How much you can handle depends entirely on how you train your spirit to flow in grace for a larger load. Take a breath and tell the Lord, “I will put my trust in You!” When you refuse your soul’s limitations and reach for our unlimited God, that is when your spirit grows even bigger!

To learn more about capacity training, head to God’s Gym!

Click on this link for a powerful word of encouragement by Prophet Shyju on equilibrium, Day 14.

Watch the video here.

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