Let Me Introduce You to the Eavesdropper! Approved by Heaven Series -Part 3/5

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

October 1, 2016

Dear friends, this is the third blog of the “Approved by Heaven” series from our  brother Francesco Pagnotta. If you haven’t already, read the posts, “Where do you seek your validation?” and “Fisher of compliments?” before you continue.  We hope you enjoy learning and don’t forget to share this post!

The nosey neighbour.

It could be as simple as a mere glance at someone else’s phone screen as they text, or as invasive as going through someone’s personal items while they’ve left the room. This persona is obsessed with getting information.


But what’s the harm in that? Doesn’t Proverbs 18:15 say that “an intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge… (ESV)”?

There is a difference between knowledge and information. In my opinion, genuine knowledge involves a purpose and a bettering of the person. This information is used to teach others, apply principles for themselves, or have a useful knowing for future reference. Whereas, information is mere data stored and released unscrupulously because it has no useful weight or emotional substance.

The eavesdropper understands that information is a means of gaining access to certain individuals and accolades from other people. When you know something someone else wants to know, you have all the cards in your hands. The power balance shifts, and the information holder is now a valuable asset due to the information they carry.


Brooo! You work at church right? So you know a lot of what’s going on behind the scenes?”

Haha, yeah. It’s pretty great

Sooo, bro. I heard that there was a bit of a scandal involving two members of the youth group last week… do you know anything about it?

Yes I do, but I’m not at liberty to say…Sorry buddy.”

AW C’MON MAN! Yo, I won’t tell anyone! Aren’t we friends! Please man! I’ll keep it a secret!

You promise you won’t tell anyone?


Well… I know that (proceeds to give out confidential information just to gain someone else’s approval)

WOW that’s some serious stuff! Thanks for telling me, you’re the best! I can’t believe that happened!


Insecure people, or at least speaking from my experience, feel as though they have nothing to offer; that they aren’t interesting or have any intrinsic value.  So they try to fill the void within themselves with interesting information about other people. That way they can feel like they have something to offer others. The best information comes from what other people have spoken in private conversations that no one else knows, and even details that most others miss out on. A good eavesdropper picks up on everything, even the little things, because they’re hungry for useful information to fill their repertoire.

Notice, it’s all about use. Eavesdropper derive their validation by what they can offer, who they can serve in order to gain their approval.  That feeling of inadequacy is not of God, but is a sentiment that can be shaped for good and that can be channeled as a servant’s humility.

God qualifies the unqualified, if you feel you have nothing to offer, you are the perfect vessel to give God the glory.  If you have nothing to offer from yourself when God uses you, people will acknowledge God working through you knowing that it couldn’t have been you.


The way to combat this persona is once again to remind them of what the Word says about their value. That it’s never because we can offer anything worthy to God that He loves us. We are not defined by what we do, who we are, our thoughts, or our emotions, but we are defined by the love of Christ on the Cross.

Our value, just like our bodies, is not our own for we have treasure in our mere jars of clay!

The Holy Spirit, Alpha and Omega, has chosen us as His dwelling place!  [tweet this]


By meditating on the Word and searching the scriptures, the words will take root in our hearts and shape us. He is the only worthwhile knowledge we can seek. In and of itself, the very wisdom in the Word makes us valuable to others.

Through Him we are able to inspire, educate and counsel others…not based on what we can offer but what He has spoken over us, into us. God works through His people, all that is expected of us is to be is open vessels that allow God to do the work.
Ask the Holy Spirit for the wisdom you need to build up the Kingdom, not your self-esteem [tweet this]

We are called to bigger and better things than pointless information and idle chatter!

There are souls to be saved, bondages that need breaking, and lives thirsty for revival!

When your knowledge of God links up with the revelation of who you are in Him, you won’t look for opportunities to shine but your face will shine on its own for His glory! Don’t perish because you’ve been learning the wrong things for the wrong reasons, but learn the will of God for your life, so that you can bring life to others! Ah “ … a word in season, how good it is (Proverbs 15:23 ESV)!”

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