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timeline history A Simple Timeline of Christian History

Christian history isn’t very simple, it is very intricate and complex; therefore for everyone’s benefit let’s go through the following simplified timeline:

30-70 AD – The Time of Jesus Christ and the Apostles

  • The death and resurrection of Christ.
  • The Christian faith is birthed and the gospel of grace is preached.

70-312 AD – The Persecution and Spread of Christianity

  • The spread of the Christian faith; martyrdom of the early believers.
  • Early heresies sprouted; first church councils and the canonizing of scripture.

312-590 AD – The Era of the Christian Empire

  • Constantine declares Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire;
  • Christianity became a faith for the masses;

590-1517 AD – The Middle Ages

  • The pope becomes the ‘ruler’ of the church.
  • The crusades: The church gains the world but loses its soul.

 1517-1648 AD – The Age of Reformation

  • Martin Luther, protestant movement; start of denominationalism (Lutheran, Anglican etc.)
  • The Vatican loses its power and influence.

1648-1789 AD – The Time of Scientific Advance and Revival

  • On one hand, rise of secularism: people begin to ask, ‘Who needs God?’
  • Many revivals, especially the ‘Great Awakening’ tries to restore God to public life.

 1789-1914 AD – The Age of Progress

  • The message of Christ is carried to distant lands, but the faith continues to leave public life.
  • Pluralistic and totalitarian societies see no relevance for Christianity.

 1912-current AD – The present Church…


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