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News: Releasing “Never Alone” Music Single – Shyju Mathew

Update: Gives me joy to announce the video release of Never Alone. I hope you enjoy the video. Please use the buttons on the left of this post to share the video with your friends too. Thank you, Shyju Download the Mp3 (Sweet Disclaimer: This song is not sung by a...

Tapping Into Favor Through Mercy

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Divine Favor Series

I am back in Montreal from powerful meetings in India last month. And I want to thank all our partners and friends for your prayers and support. Meanwhile, in this post I’d like to continue the study we have been doing on favour.

Tapping Into God’s Divine Favor

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Divine Favor Series

In one of the French services that I was preaching last week, there was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit and I want to share the vision that the Lord revealed to me with you all, my precious readers.

Keeping God Before You Always – #ManHostingGod

I am sure as children of God we all harbour the desire to see our churches, cities and nations soaked with God’s glory. God’s presence and glory inhabits in the praises of His people, but how will our cities experience the glory of God, when our worship doesn’t reach up to Him?

Man Hosting God

Picture this : Arms of a strong and rich man pick up a frail and dying baby from a ragged and old street. He brings the baby to his palatial home and feeds its hungry stomach. Day by day the child grows stronger and it is here that the little orphaned boy finds a name. He even inherits the rich man’s identity and possessions. Can you imagine the journey of this little boy?

7 Final Instructions to a Believer of Jesus

Last Friday was my last service as the youth Pastor, as I moved into the new phase, I searched deep to see what I would share to my beloved group of young adults as my final words to them. Here are seven thoughts I shared with them. Read on.

Saying Yes to the Call of God as a Pastor in Montreal

When we left from India in obedience to God’s command, I did not fully comprehend God’s plans for us in Canada. All I knew was that He asked me to stop travelling for a year and go pastor the youth of this predominantly Italian & multicultural church in Montreal.

How to Respond to What You Fear the Most

The Bible says that the power of Midianites was so oppressive that out of fear the Israelites made shelters for themselves in mountains clefts, caves and strong holds. And when the Israelites cried to God, His answer to them was surprising. Read on.

Hello friend, As you may have noticed, we've moved "Guarding the Heart Blog" from to I hope you enjoy the new GTH home as well. God bless. Shyju

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