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Understanding the Prophetic in the Church

Hello there dear friend, I am glad to be back with a new post on GTH. I could not do justice to this blog in the last few weeks. We have been busy with the Revive Conferences in Australia. You can see some video updates on the same here and here. I am looking forward... read more

Taking The Shortest Route to Your Destiny

God has planned a beautiful destiny for each one of us! And He does not want us to be delayed into our destiny. Neither does He want any of us to miss our destiny. It’s very important that we understand the heart of God. He has a specific and unique plan for... read more

The Struggle Between the Promise and the Mistake

I’m writing this post with the hope of sparking a fresh flame in you all to not be satisfied with being ordinary believers but to be an army of Jesus lovers. Read this blog post with a fresh hunger for a word from God – He honors hunger and if we hunger for Him, He will surely fill us!

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Join Revive UAE With Pastor Shyju Mathew

When churches come together in humility and tears to seek the face of our Master, heavens must open above. We believe that God is sending Revive Nations for a time of renewal in the Middle East, starting with UAE.

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3 Things That Slow Down Intimacy With God

The point of breakthrough in our walk with God comes when we learn intimacy. Many of us have a relationship with God but we don’t have intimacy. We read our bibles and go to church, but it ends there. God desires something more. Read on.

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