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News: Releasing “Never Alone” Music Single – Shyju Mathew

Update: Gives me joy to announce the video release of Never Alone. I hope you enjoy the video. Please use the buttons on the left of this post to share the video with your friends too. Thank you, Shyju Download the Mp3 (Sweet Disclaimer: This song is not sung by a...

Saying Yes to the Call of God as a Pastor in Montreal

When we left from India in obedience to God’s command, I did not fully comprehend God’s plans for us in Canada. All I knew was that He asked me to stop travelling for a year and go pastor the youth of this predominantly Italian & multicultural church in Montreal.

How to Respond to What You Fear the Most

The Bible says that the power of Midianites was so oppressive that out of fear the Israelites made shelters for themselves in mountains clefts, caves and strong holds. And when the Israelites cried to God, His answer to them was surprising. Read on.

Are You Ready for a Leap of Faith?

Here is a guest post from Darren & Kirsi West, the Lead Pastors of Real Life Church, in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. They have been in ministry together for 21 years, serving God across Canada. Their passion is to see people walking in freedom and fulfilling their God given destiny. Read on.

Heart To Heart With Sarah Jakes #GTH500 Series

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series GTH500

It is my joy to have Sarah Jakes write for the #GTH500 Series as we celebrate over 500 posts. Sarah is a testament to how God is in the business of making a masterpiece out of broken people. Read on.

How Not to Let Offence Drag You Down

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Overcoming Offence

Last week as I wrote this post I began to do a self check and see if there was any offence in me against anyone. The more I searched my heart in prayer, the more Holy Spirit kept showing me an individual.

I Will Hurt You: An Offended Christian

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Overcoming Offence

There is a beautiful looking bird in Canada called seagull. Of late I have been fascinated with seagulls. They look white and are magnificent acrobats of the sky. Unlike other birds, when flying they make seemingly impossible antics appear effortless. Why this story you think? Read..

Heart To Heart With Lee Grady #GTH500 Series

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series GTH500

J. Lee Grady is the director of The Mordecai Project, an international missions organization that focuses on confronting gender-based violence and oppression in developing nations.

Heart to Heart With Christa Black #GTH500 Series

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series GTH500

Christa Black who is a Multi-platinum-selling songwriter, powerful speaker, entertainer, and popular blog-author. Christa has traveled the world to speak in international events inspiring thousands to find freedom from addictions, eating disorders, shame, and self-hatred.

GTH’s 500th Post and a Mega Celebration!

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series GTH500

It’s party time on Guarding the Heart (GTH) blog! I am extremely excited to announce that you are currently reading our 500th post! Plus, till date we have seen over 1,500,000 views to our blog from across the globe.

6 Secrets to Overcome Sin

Becoming sin conscious certainly does not help anyone overcome sin. But what does help is becoming aware of how our flesh reacts and responds. As someone learning to love Jesus one day at a time, I want to share with you 6 secrets to overcome sin.

Hello friend, As you may have noticed, we've moved "Guarding the Heart Blog" from to I hope you enjoy the new GTH home as well. God bless. Shyju

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