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The Fearless Decision Maker

The Fearless Decision Maker

There is no leaders without critics. Growing as a leader aso requires growing a thick skin. To be able to receive all incoming opinions without caving in under them. As leaders we still need to hold on to our perspective, the greater vision, the larger picture. When...

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Reacting to unstable people

Reacting to unstable people

As a Pastor there are many challenges I have had to face in the last two years. With this role comes a lot of stretching, a lot of learning, and a lot of growing. One of the areas I find stretches me in particular is dealing with unstable, or should I say, unplanted...

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How to Fix the Castles in the Sand

It is possible. To build castles in the sand. To build a lot over time as a prescription drug for a hidden sickness in the heart. Probably watching the castle rise would numb the pain. The success on this side to cover the shame on the other side. To feel good when...

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20 building blocks of vision for your ministry

Here's an excerpt from the book Visioneering by Andy Stanley The formula: V ISIONEERING = INSPIRATION + CONVICTION + ACTION + DETERMINATION + COMPLETION Everybody ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose. Those are the ones with vision. They...

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Do the Homework

God anoints us to complete an assignment with better authority and ease than anyone can on the project. However it will not do the research for you. What research you may ask? Read on.

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