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quench revival God

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

December 5, 2012

This entry is part 11 of 17 in the series Revival Series

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There are two forces that fight revival – one being the forces of hell, and the other, the fallen nature of man.

What makes this fight deadly is that it is the carnal nature of man which opens doors for the devil to take over. It is in our fallen human nature to have conflicting desires which do not glorify God. When these go unchecked, the enemy broods over them to hatch his plans right inside the revival move of God.

quench revival God

Here are a few ways the enemy tries to quench a revival in our life and church:

1. The Clash of Egos

One area we children of God need to be cautious is to understand it is never about us, it’s always about Jesus.

In this context, if someone does harm to you, he is not harming you but is fighting the Jesus in you. There is no reason for you to be hurt. Instead you need to be sorrowful for the brother/sister who is still learning to please God.

Similarly, in the season of revival, many routine traditions and patterns are challenged and changed. This can cause high levels of irritation to those who are still dying to their desires of the flesh. No matter who is offended, have the courage to promote whatever benefits the Kingdom of God. [ClickToTweet]

Practice looking beyond yourself (no matter how painful it is), because the Kingdom of God is not about you!

2. Familiarity With the Move of God

Spiritual giants who conquered mighty mountains fell not to demons, but to the contempt born out of familiarity with the things God did.

Don’t take God for granted! Anytime a ministry gets used to what God is doing, the pursuit of God is compromised. Each morning we need to go to God with fresh humility, commitment, desire, passion, hunger and thirst. [ClickToTweet]

Today pray like never before, seek God’s heart like never before and stay humble under His arms.

3. Drifting Away From God’s Word

As revival gets intense, so does the tidal wave of God’s power. The problem with focusing and enjoying these manifestations more than the Word of God is that, in time, these take the place of God Himself. A wise leader will keep pulling the sheep back to God’s Word.

Enjoy the Word of God and the treasures in it more than anything else that’s happening in your life or church. Let every move and manifestation that you see be not another man’s fantasy but an overflow of the study of God’s Word. The more the Word of God is revealed to you, the more you can expect God’s glory to manifest! [ClickToTweet]

4. Human Agendas and Strategies

As we have been studying in the last few posts, revival is the sovereign move of God. But everything gets messed up when man gets overtly creative and ambitious. Stay away from what looks popular, instead do what God wants you to do. The hype, the media and the extravaganza we pull in is what buries that which once was pure.

Do everything that guards the purity of doing what God directs you to do. Whether it be who you invite to preach, who leads worship or who sweeps the floor, give all attention to every move from God as you deal with the things of God.

People tend to have this desire to help God. God needs no help in spreading what He started. Leave in the center of His palms whatever God starts; it then will never go wrong! [ClickToTweet]

Only keep pursuing Him!

Let’s discuss. What more will you add? What are the things your church/ministry is doing to avoid these pitfalls?

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