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January 3, 2013

Shyju MathewBy God’s grace, the “Guarding the Heart Blog” have reached hundreds of thousands of people so far and in more than 190 nations in the year 2012 alone. And I am excited to hear and read about the inspiration and impact the Lord has already brought with this series.

And I want to release it to all our GTH subscribers for a short period as this will be part of my third book that the Lord is inspiring me to write. Please find details on how you can download it below.

2013 on GTH

EXCITING! This year I look forward to have my leader friends to write alongside with me. Starting with next week, every month we will have guest posts from leaders around the world.

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Chapters in the PDF

freeIf you have not closely followed the Revival Series, here are the 18 chapters in the PDF.  

1. What’s the Big Deal About Revival?

2. What is God’s Heart About Revival?

3. What are God’s Purposes in a Revival?

4. Why Does “Revival”, a Sovereign Act of God Need an Active Pursuit?

5. 4 Major Characteristics of a Revivalist & Keys We Can Use

6. Three Key Factors to See a Revival in Your Church and Country

7. 3 Key Revival Lifestyle that Bring Heaven on Earth

8. Power of a Worshipper & Role of Worship in Revival

9. Note to Worship Leaders on Hosting God

10. The Metaphors of Revival & Biblical Meaning

11. Four Actions that Quench a Move of God

12. 5 Keys to Hosting God in Your Life – The Revival Preparation!

13. Hosting God in Your Church – The Revival Preparation

14. Keys to Hosting God in Your Nation – The Revival Preparation

15. Understanding the Supernatural Manifestations in a Revival

16. 7 Revival Guidelines for Pastors & Leaders

17. 7 Revival Guidelines for Young People

18. Revival Series Conclusion: The Crucial Choice

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Downloading the PDF

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